Website Details

Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance, a distinct form of electronic dance music with a vibrant worldwide following. I am your host—better known as Basilisk on the international stage—a DJ, record collector, writer, student, and all-round fan based in Toronto, Canada. My intention with this site is to share and promote free music, write original content about matters of interest to psytrance fans, review releases new and old, provide event listings for Toronto, Montreal, and the surrounding regions, and generally do what I can to further the development of the global trance movement.

What Is Ektoplazm?

Ektoplazm is named for the immaterial or ethereal emanation that surrounds a person in a deep state of trance. Although the root word “ectoplasm” was originally a biological term, parapsychologists and the occult adopted it for their own uses in the late 19th century. Moving forward into the new millennium, my spin on the term is a reference to the elusive “vibe” revellers claim to perceive at especially magical gatherings; imagine it as a sort of inexplicable luminous glow enveloping a fully activated dance floor. If that seems slightly too obscure and mystical, consider the beaming smiles and bright-eyed excitement that accompanies a deeply satisfying musical experience. To me, that is what the psychedelic trance experience is all about!