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Do anyone have place for 2 kind people in his car or whatever from Lisbon to ZNA on Friday 25th?

10m 8d #3 Elfentanz · SEARCH ·

Hello, we need a lift for two persons from germany or netherlands to coimbra or zna-land _/\_

10m 27d #2 · OFFER ·

Hi everyone!
I'm coming from Barcelona on 21th August and I have I seat left in the car. If anyone would like to share the way contact me ;)

1y 8m #1 ORGA · OFFER ·

ZNA BUS Ticket:

This ticket assures you - A 2 way trip between Lisbon Airport and the ZNA Gathering location. - A safe, comfortable ride with a happy Zambu crowd, all the way to the gathering and back!
Airport - ZNA Land - Airport =60€
One way = 35€