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11m 21d #2

Line Up
Really a nice festival. Good vibrations and beautiful people.
In three words.....WAO!! :)

11m 24d #1 Lorenzo the Freshguy

3 editions, 3 times at WAO...

It is a little great Festival for the ones who do not follow dj names but good vibes and a great location.

You can dance, you can meditate, you can rest and reclaim your right to be in a serene environment.

I appreciate the effort of the organization to keep working on this cross-over festival.

When I was younger I was interested in numbers and crowds, I do not think in this way anymore.
Water availability in a summer of drought is not a surprise and this is a sign the festival cannot go bigger than that...

But I swear, it is priceless to have a Kundalini session and jump under the speakers and a cocoa cerimony in the space of a block...

Give it a chance if you believe in the power of holistic transformation!

Fresh & light