Transylvania Calling 2011

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8y 4m#39ORGA

TC 2011 Statement (from my point of view):
Hello my dear Transylvania Callers, groovers, artists, performers, volunteers and teams.
I’m very sorry to come so late with this statement. I simply was too emotionally affected after all this and it took me a while to recover...

Firstly, I want to say sorry for the logistical and organisational f... ups and problems we had at this year’s edition. Surely, many mistakes have been made and the weather change followed by a high number of other incidents caused by the rain gave us the rest and made it impossible to start as planned and even to keep on schedule. We are really sorry for the delays and technical problems that arose from that. Sorry for the food situation, tough it would have been possible to start in time even with the rain, but the sound system was connected wrong and that caused one more day of delay. The party went on in the chill out that night, which we thought to be much safer in that weather conditions.
The next day started and we also made one day extra to please the people...

A lot of funds have been directed to professional teams we thought to be doing their jobs, but it seems like everybody this time underestimated the power of nature (all that you whish to do there takes two times as much energy), and tough everyone gave the best they could, it lacked on all ends... We were quite late anyway because of the approval of coming at the location with only three weeks in advance :(
As soon as the Gates opened and the people started to come, the fog and mist came down on us and also of course some serious rain. Chaos was on the roll.. Everything seemed to go down.. The Mountain insisted on a Tribute by testing our fears and how well are we all prepared for this adventure? Certainly we hope for this not to happen but it did and it probably did so for a reason. But everything got from funny to serious and actually many things did not turn out not the way we actually intended and planned them.. The situation seemed hopeless at first, but one by one we took the problems by its roots and got the show running as good as we could...
After the sun came back, it put a smile on everybody’s face and suddenly all the sad faces turned into smiling magical beings gathering all their powers to accept the moment and do the best out of the situation. I think and I appreciate very much the fact that many of our callers noticed the problems but kind of also realised what it means to pull off something of this in the middle of f... nowhere at 1800 meters altitude. With the sun out, me and the core team tried to approach all problems and help the people wherever we could.. This took also extra time and also kind of influenced other parts of the plans and so on..
In the end, believe me, it was pure horror for me, but I knew I have to stand my men till the end and that’s what I did.. Even after all the people left, I was there with Blumen Kraft and Alex Varodi to make sure all the trash is getting off the mountain again.

Hearts were broken, new ones won. I’m really sorry if you hadn’t had a good time because of any incidents that we were responsible for. I feel that some of you want to know more details and so i will try and explain some of the problems we had in this year’s edition of the gathering.

To begin with, the decision of the place... It was like a rollercoaster till we knew where it will be. Initially, the plan was to do it again one last time at the old location of 2007 and 2009 and we were pretty sure this won’t be a problem. But the festival turned out not to be accepted by the local council, so the desperate search began for a new location. Knowing most of the mountains around Sibiu County, I knew this is not going to be easy if we want to stay in the Sibiu region. So i was looking in Brasov County also for potential locations and spotted 2 nice ones: one with very good access and one with very bad access. So my mind was with the very accessible and safe at 800 m close to town location which is also the new location for 2012 (contract already signed with the forest administration). But somehow afraid of the maybe being "too" close to town which could bring its own problems in the game. Anyway my attention was brought to the area so called Valea Frumoasei already in 2004 but back then was really bad access (yes, even worse :)) and so I forgot about it.. If you had a good look at the valley on the way to this years location, I think you could see the beauty all around and some nice places that are near water streams, really nice and perfect looking for what we wanted to do, but we found out all this places are wetlands and quite dangerous to do anything there without doing some serious landscape designing first.
So, i dreamed of doing it there somehow but could not find a dry place close enough to water stream.. (You can’t have it all) .. And then, a friend and Mountain Ranger pointed me to this location high up with this incredible view and yet still accessible with great care if there’s no rain or mud. In case of rain anywhere it is tough till its over and dry again.. Anyway.. This area got connected trough the Transalpine Motorway that was and is still currently in construction and we could drive there more nicely now but had to make a huge detour.. The short and bad road was 60 km from Sibiu and the long, but safer, way was 111 km far.
So, when we first visited this location and I realised how special it is and how close to God and all the elements it is (indeed, a very spiritual place), I instantly knew that the Festival had to be here.. I was aware it will be harder and more expensive than at Rasnov at the 2012 easy access location...but somehow I was also thinking “what the heck, since when did we mean to have it the easy way?” and I was rather keen to do something totally crazy than easy. But never expected so many things to go wrong in such a short time.. We realised we won’t get the permissions in time as we planned and already thought of switching again back to the Rasnov backup location.. So we where blocked in many ways to actually start planning it right. Because in the end we got the location only with three weeks before the event.. Making it very hard and almost impossible to finish it all in time with the resources we had and at the standard we intended initially.
Starting with the base camp and some works there, all kind of other problems appeared.. And we realised that up there, at 1800 m, we felt physically really tired quite fast and consumption of anything was double as in normal conditions. The transport routes took a long time to do and we had a lot to transport... Communication was not possible up there. In a way we liked that too, but still we tried, and failed, to install any useful device due to little time available.
The forest administration promised to help us fix the road and we thought we are going to put some rocks as well, just in case it rains. This never happened, as they insisted in the end that placing small rocks wont help cause they get spilled away fast by the rain. And in that case, if it rained, they suggested the people should simply park along the side road and that’s it.. They did fix the road with a bulldozer and made it partially wider and better cause it was even worse before.. I just hoped that we will be lucky and it will not rain but heavy rain came and it got really cold and some people where not prepared as they where asked to on the website, so we had a lot of problems getting things up there even before the rain. like the generator who arrived few days too late and actually everything and everyone arrived later then planned or expected. The generator got dropped down the hill instead of brought up hill as discussed with the provider.. It took 3 days to find a truck able and willing to bring that monster of 500 KW up between the main stage and the markets. That was supposed to light up all the location and provide electricity for all the stages and markets.. I could talk here further in all the details but it would end up being a book i think :)) if there is anything that i forgot to mention and you want it cleared dont hesitate to ask and you will be answered! Namaskar
Hans Reiner Reisenauer (Styx.Dj)
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8y 7m#38poetpaeterson

Line Up
sorry, nee so gehts halt mal echt garnich...

keinerlei warnungen seitens der crew, dass die wege für busse und andere größere vehikel eigt. fast unbefahrbar sind ist das eine, 100 euro dann für einen beschädigten bus, eine extrem mies eingestellte function one, keine deko, kaum was zu essen für wucherpreise das andere!
Hinzu kommt noch, dass am sonntag keiner mehr von der ersten hilfe o. ä. aufzufinden war und das line up hatte wohl wegen dj-transportproblemen auch die ein oder andere lücke.
Find ich verarsche vom veranstalter und geht so nicht!!! 20 euro wären für eine solche party wohl angebracht gewesen...
Danke an all die wundervollen menschen, die das ganze durch ihre liebe und ihr lachen gerettet haben auch an die mitarbeiter, die wegen dieser riesen arschloch orga ganz schön ins schwitzen gekommen sind und versucht haben das festival noch irgendwie zu retten!!!
natürlich atemberaubende natur, traumhaft schön aber dafür muss ich eigtl. nix zahlen!!


"such a pity for that Funktion1 :( they didn't know how to program it, didn't have proper sound engineering so it sounded like a normal small club soundsystem. Funktion One shouldn't sound anything like it did at Transylvania Calling, it should be crystal clear. Such a pity, I went there especially for it. "

I was supposed to bring my system there, but cancelled because I could feel there was something wrong with the main character behind TC... did another festival instead (in Romania) and have no regrets at all, even less after reading all these posts.
Funktion-One sounds SUPREME if setup, calibrated and used properly (also the DJ has a big part of responsibility in the final result). I heard that they had some technical problem at TC and that could very well be the reason for the poor quality...

8y 8m#36Gräfin Zahl

Line Up
Sodele, nun werd ich auch mal meinen Bericht abgeben.
Es war ein Abenteuer mit Spaß, Mukke, lieben Menschen und der besten Natur um sich herum, die man für ein Festival haben kann. Es gehört schon eine große Leistung dazu, daß alles zu organisieren und auf den Berg zu bekommen. Deshalb haben mich die paar Problematiken keineswegs gestört. Mit dem richtigen Equipment und Teamwork, war es genauso wie 2009, mein ganz persönlicher Akkufüller!!!!

Dies ist halt ein Event der ganz besonderen Art und ich hoffe das wird auch so bleiben!
Alle diejenigen, die Mainstream/Kommerz brauchen, sollten sich eben auf den anderen "normalen" Festvals aufhalten. So bliebe die TC auch ein kleines, verrücktes und unvergleichlich beeindruckendes Festival, für alle die nach sowas suchen!

Die Essenorga war anfangs eigentlich die größte Hürde, 2009 war dies perfekt gelöst, aber es wurde ja besser nachdem die Einheimischen, mit Grundnahrungsmitteln in den Verkauf starteten.
Mukke hätte für meinen Geschmack härter und verspulter sein können, halt auch tagsüber schon.

Ans Team von mir ein "daumenhoch" und bitte macht weiter!!!!!!!
Laßt euch nicht unterkriegen, wir sehn uns 2013!!

Die Gräfin Zahl

8y 8m#35Alex

Line Up
Ein Festival in dieser einzigartig schönen (und daher abgelegenen) Landschaft zu veranstalten, dahinter steckt ein besonderes Konzept.
Guten und mutigen Menschen haben wir die Verwirklichung dieses Vorhabens zu verdanken !
Ihr habt Euer bestes gegeben und den Rahmen wunderschön gestaltet, DANKE !!!

100 euro sind für mich o.k..
Solltet Ihr einen Gewinn gemacht haben, so gönn´ ich Euch das sehr

8y 9m#34geosmin

Line Up
hatte wieder mal ne schöne zeit!!! dass es keine warmen duschen gab tut mir leid für die dies gern etwas wärmer geniesen .käs ,salami brot-vorräte ham die woche ausgereicht,viel mehr gibts auf einer alm a ned und brauch ich auch nicht. kommen bin ich wegen gewissen musikern ,den wahnsinnigen leuten die diesen weg auf sich nehmen und transylvanien und da bin ich ganz auf meine kosten gekommen. bis 2013 ,freu mich schon!! und für alle enzundenen und geschunden nerven ,gute genesung : nur die harten kommen in garten :-) ,kopf hoch und fiare schaun!!

8y 9m#33ln



8y 9m#32Illuminator' Der Erleucht

Englisch Hier: []

#31 · hymal. Du hast vollkommen recht. eigentlich hast du ziemlich fiele punkte erwähnt. was mir noch auffehlt sind das die strasse nicht beschildet waren so haben wir über 10 std verfahren dan haben wir andre leute mit 5 Autos gesehen die auch lange gesucht haben dann haben wir 4 oder 5 mal die Bewohner gefragt bis wir schließlich den ort gefunden haben. Mann konnte nicht mal mit navi gerät finden. und dan die stressen waren so schlimm das 3 Autos kaputtgegangen sind, wir haben allen geholfen. ich habe auch mit mein Auto unten geschlagen so das unten kaputt ist und der Anhänger Kupplung nach oben gebogen ist so das die führe nicht auf oder zu geht nur mit Gewalt Kammern zu machen.
Lieber Organisator nicht jeder hat so ein jip Auto mit den man auch im bergen fahren kann. ihr hattet mit dem Bulldogge denn ihr hattet, ein mall hoch fahren müssen so das die stresse Grade ist. das wehre gut für alle die jetzt Auto schaden haben.
naja ich denke ihr wart gefordert und konntet nicht mit der Situation umgehen.
Gott sei dank ich hatte meine kamp mitten drin zwischen beiden floor es war für mich etwas leichter da hin zu gehen wo ich will. aber wo ich sa das alle so weit unten ihre kamp hatte da dachte ich mir ooo waja die armen Menschen die zum tanzen so weit gehen müssen die tun mir sehr leiht.
so was Kammern niemanden zu muten. an so was mus man denken als orga.
naja ich hoffe ihr lernt aus eurem fehle.
am Anfang hat die Technik nicht funktioniert ist auch nicht so schlimm die fahle wurde auch wider behoben, aber das auf den Chill Zelt am Anfang nur Rumänische Volks Musik oder Ambiente gespielt haben hat mich genervt, Ich war auch jeden tag 1 mal unten das war keine schöne Musik nicht für mich,wo gibst den so was.das geht gar nicht.Im Ozora wurden wir so verwöhnt von Allen besten guten Musik die es gibt und hier bei euch war ziemlich Enttäuschen.
Im Chill habe ich PsyChill vermist weil ich im ozora so lange getanzt habe das ich muskel krenfe hatte deswegen wollte und muste ich chillen und der streke von ozora bis TC eigentlich 600km aber wir haben 1800 km gebraucht. deshalb wollte ich gerne chillen aber das war nicht möglich weil das nicht PsyChill sonder Chill oder Ambiente war ist nicht mein musik.
und auf dem Mail Floor gabs nur Dark von morgens bis abend nur manchmal sehr selten habe ich Fullon oder Proggy gehört, es wurde einpar titel gespielt aber dann wider auf Dark umgestiegen, traurig.
Macht mal Winamp an und Hört mall da PsyChill an dan wist ihr was Gutte Musik ist.

Im diesen Trostlosem Situation haben wir das beste daraus gemacht und haben schön gefeiert alle waren Glücklich.
Am Anfang wo die Mail Floor aufgemacht hat da war das Mädchen von der Deko Cru sie sagte zu mir ich soll mit mein Bollawagen raus gehen weil ich in der Mitte stand. Das war ganz schön Dumm von ihr. dann habe ich meine Goaram Mobil Raus geschoben ganz hinten dort habe ich Feuer gemacht und 2 Tage Getanzt es hat Geregnet und es war windig dann ist die Dekor zerrisse und geflattert, ich habe gekeift gegen den Wind und habe immer wider gebunden so das es nicht weg fliegt es war schon bis zum helft zerrissen dann haben die Dekor Leute selber die seile zerschnitten damit es nicht weg war auch gute Entscheidung von denen.
1 Tag war keine Dekor da dann habe ich den Großen Stern der da auf der Boden Lag. haben ganz Spontan mitgenommen auf der Mitte hingestellt, zu Arzt auf dem 3 fuss Latten, die für Müll vorgesehen ist. aber dann hatte ich die idee das ich eine Wasser Flasche mit ein seil gebunden habe das dann genau Inder Mitte hoch geworfen habe und das andre ende den Stern gebunden meine eigene Dekor die ich selbs Gemachte habe Schmetterlinge, Libellen, Blumen und Motten auf dem Stern Befestigt und das ganze Hochgezogen mitten drin, und das andre ende habe ich auf den DJ Pult Geworfen und das blieb da hingen ohne knoten unglaublich. naja so mit gabst wenigsten etwas Deko aber auch Wunder schön und so Perfekt Besser gehst gar nicht. Dann wurde alles wider schön und die sonne hat erschienen. die letzten tage waren wunder schön.

Lieber Organisator wenn du Hilfe brauchst nächstes Jahr dann helfe ich dir sehr gerne. ich bin ein guter Koordinator und mache alles Perfekt. sag mir Früh Genug Bescheid und ich komme zu euch dann machen wir zusammen.

Mann hat bemerkt das du fiel mühe gegeben hast aber Unerfahren und unwissend bist. aus fehlen Solltest du lernen, mach das beste daraus. Gesunde Kritik Tut immer Gut.

Liebe Grüße Alle die da Waren.

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8y 9m#31hymal

what to say, I've been at Tc in 2009 and i had a wonderful experience in that edition, this make me come back this year expecting something even more than before as told by organizers on their website... instead it had been so disapponting that i couldn't believe. There was no organization, in the first days everything looked to be very difficult to manage, the main floor was not playing music because the function one system failed because there wasn't a proper sound engineer and the connected it at a 220v while it was a 340 v (usa system), and it burned out, no decos, only 2 food points for 3000 ppl in the forst days, you had to climb the whole festival area to reach the mainfloor and for the ppl in the camping at the entrance was tremendous.. and in a spot with no way to connect with a mobile there wasn't an ambulance at least for the first 3 days! then, slowly slowly, some structures were coming in the days afterby..

what happened? If the festival was at the same level of the TC 2009, it would have been so fine, but it was at its 10% maybe. If you don't have any money to organize a festival, just don't do it. In that place could have been dangerous if something would have happened. I am not critizicing the place and the weather, I knew already what to expect, even if 1800 meters is too much for people which doesn't live in the mountains, and many of them got sick ..... how possible to create a road in that way, a little rain was enough to produce so much mud in it so that vehicles couldnt move until sunshine would have dryed up all! (can you imagine if it was raining for an entire week?) Why didn't u put rubbles on it? there was a rock cave just on the way of TC, at 30 km in direction of saugag,.

and where was eat static? where was luke brown? why the line up was so messed up?

making ppl paying 100 euro at the gate, 10 euro less than ozora, for a such situation, is miserable.

I was wondering what kind of unexpected problems you had, while you had 2 years to organize the whole festival. It really looks you spent the last month to organize the whole thing.


I enjoyed the beautiful place and the nature, that was amazing and the beutiful people who created a magic experience, and i really thank all them for this.. I also enjoyed some sets, especially looney moon rec and the tree house and the collective kitchen which was a nice spot where to chill.

I really prefer festivals as Tc more than ozora, but this time I am too disapointed by the lack of love in organizing this event.

I really hope that the Tc organizers will understand our point of view and will remember how great the Tc had been in the 2009 and where they failed, I guess there is so much to do from now if there will be a next time.
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8y 9m#30Indiene

chris bro....chill...

the party for me was super....

capitalism or guys needed to pull up your socks... something out of your artist added another day bravo....

lets talk about basics.....where is the medical....i had a friend who sprained his foot on the first day....all you guys could manage was a crape bandage.....where is the doctor or first aid....i found this guy passed out in the middle of the chill night....i looked for the security near the chill one....went all the way down to the info one.....all i could do was pick him up...take him to my tent...put him near the fire...feed him water and food and pray he would be fine in the morning...

these are basics dont need alot of money for small things like this....its just a human touch...thought...

sanitation....nothing....yes the woods are great....but organisational faults again....

so good festival....can it be compared to ozora....according to you we let it be...

but if you guys plan something out for the it sincerly...with all your heart....cause I have been attending festivals since 1990 .... so imagine the era i have gone through with minimal commercialization of a party and mazimum love fun and happy times....

lots of love and luck for 2 years....and bring out a blast....let this be a lesson for the next.


8y 9m#29chris

and if you have some personal beef with one of the organizers please try to settle this with him personally ! this report page is supposed to be about tc not ozora - two different pairs of shoes...i think most festivals would be considered too expensive and badly organized if compared to ozora...

also some people have a weird view of what capitalism is and no idea what it means to pull of smth like this...- which should not be an excuse for the mistakes we made !

8y 9m#28chris

if you want to make an easy profitable standard event - you don't choose locations in the middle of nowhere with no infrastructure. also you don't feature a line-up full of relatively unknown artists from all genres within psytrance... the location made this event special while at the same time causing lots of difficulties from transport to communication - this then affected many other parts of the organisation and consequently the whole event ! - we understand and regret that some people suffered and we are very sorry about this! we did refund tickets for anyone during the first two days and we did our best to catch up on the line-up due to the problems we had with the sound on the first night. we also added another night on the mainfloor. - appart from 1 live act and 3 dj's everyone we had anounced came...yes there were lots of problems and expectations were high, sorry we failed you, but be asured we are the ones suffering most from this! maybe we tried something way beyond our capabilities ?! we hope some of you had a little fun anyway.....and thank you to all the helpers and artists whithout whom this would not have been possible!!

8y 9m#27Delete Please


8y 9m#26dichtermensch

@25 but u can expect something for ur money? the entry was nearly same like ozora....put down ur pink eyeglasses ;)....

very sad how capitalism can destroy such a great idea....

8y 9m#25Nunuk

it has been a very unique and special festival! Im happy to be part of it!

Thanks a lot to all organiziers and helpers you all did a great job to make this event at such a hidden and spectacular location possible!

I think everyone should appreciate more the hard work to offer us such an amazing event instead of complaining so much. of course there were problems but nothing has to be perfect! and it should always be accepted to make mistakes and have the chance to make it better. a festival should always be for the spirit and not only fulltime entertainment.

dont judge harder than you want for yourself!

8y 9m#24ln

Transylvania calling, macht seinem namen alle ehre....beim lesen der berichte bekomme ich das gruseln :-)

aber ich frag mich auch wie schräg man unterwegs sein muss da überhaupt hinzufahren?
stell dir mal vor liegst breit im zelt und wirst vom bären aufgefressen ;-)


lol ;-)

8y 9m#23


danke an die leuts der rest war einfach nur fahrlässig, unverantwortlich und der schlimmste fall unlauterer Werbung seit der unendlichen Geschichte!!!

8y 9m#22ॐ H Om E ॐ

Line Up

Lovely people to share such an impressive experience....NICE

Campfires everywhere, jamsessions, cooking together, and people getting closer to each other through unpredictable circumstances....LOVE

Dancing on top of a mountain with a fantastic view on the edge of mother earth.....WE HAVE WINGS

TC marked a changing point in my life. *~*may all beings be happy*~*


8y 9m#21

This location is not to do a big festival!!!!!Remember for the future!!
100 Euro?????There aren't shower(only 2/3...there aren't Wc (only 2/3)...there aren't many dj......fuck!!!!
Thanx to the nature,thanz to all my friends!!!
Bom Billy

8y 9m#20FreigeisT

if i read all this i am very happy that we´ve decided to go to sonica festival in the last minute. i really wanted to see that beautiful nature with its hills, mountains and forrests but in the end the sandbeach in montenegro was sooo amazing and the people end the organisation and (almost) everything rocked hard!!!

i think all of you were beware of the fact that TC is no "all inklusive festival" and you have to go there well prepared but for for 100€ you can anticipate a better organisation (showers, food, shuttle transport, F1 sound, mainfloor deco & musical line up...)

in the end you make the party and i´m sure that you all had a good time if you make it to one!!! life is what you make out of it :)
4 sure it´s easy for me to say that cause i wasn´t there but i think i know what its all about...we are one!!!