Reports / Feedback

8y 6m #25 Blau

Thank YOU for the video!!!

Amazing energy!!!


8y 7m #24 zwergal7-Sabo

Es war traumhaft!!!!!
Nächstes Jahr wieder!!!!!
Grüße aus München

8y 7m #23 dielitamida

Hola everybody! Tras un mes de transición, hemos terminado por fín el vídeo de este magnífico momento.
Damos las gracias a las personas que han aportado sus fotos a Goabase, y que hemos usado en este montaje.
¡Seguimos sintiendo la energía que creamos entre tod@s!
¡Gracias, un abrazo y hasta el próximo año!

Parte 1: youtube
Parte 2: youtube

Hi everybody! After a month of Transition, we finally ended the video of this great moment.
Thanks to people who have contributed their photos to goabase page, which we used in this production.
We still feel the energy that we created all together!
Thank you, best wishes and see you next year!

Parte 1: [click here]
Parte 2: [click here]

8y 8m #22 Cr4nk

Thank u for that wonderfull Festivall, ill surely come back next year!

8y 8m #21 Fanturi Douglas

sorry i´m late. but after the party is before the party. thanks friends ! it is still working ! see you next year !!!

walk,dance, fly...


8y 8m #20 Ae

Excelente festival familia! Que buen musicón y buen ambiente tuvimos todo el rato ehh

Un placer haber formao parte! Espero que la gente gozase de los sonidikos allí solatdos :D

Un abrazo y nos vemos pronto !


PS: Thanks peterpsy for that kind words ;)

8y 8m #19 Dark el kante

Line Up
Thanks to Blau and all the wonderful people of Transition.
Can't wait to see you again next year and enjoy again this magic event.

8y 8m #18 Blau

Thanks to all souls involved in the creation of this magic event!!!

You all made it, with your energy, love, unity, respect, and consciousness. I have to mention specially how everyone was so in tune with collecting the garbage, keeping the Transition´s sacred ground beautiful and pure after the experience.

For next year some of the installations will be improved, and of course, everything will be MORE and BETTER!!


Big BOOM!!!

8y 8m #17 Khelben

yes christian, everything is said.
this festival is so wonderful, hard to find words for that!

thanks to everyone involved - artists, organizers, crowd.

cu next year in the forest of dreams!!!

8y 8m #16

back from a blissful after festival journey in portugual I see there is nothing more to add to all the reports below. It was the perfect festival I was dreaming for since years. Thaaaaaaaank you my spanish friends and bmss guys. I love you :-)

special greetings to oleg and colin. it was just great to meet you guys, I am sure we will meet us soon again.

8y 8m #15 Peterpsy

Wonderland is there. Thanks a lot to all involved in the festival, it was one of the best ones in my life. I met some really freak amigos :)))
The location was cool, not huge place, the caravans were quite near, confortable chillout dome...
I really enjoyed there, full of freaks (that guy with the drum...), and full of great music. Some memorable sets like Egorythmia, Clean Trip, Aenima or Boom Shankar.
Amazing string art there, big up for the artist!

As others said, SPEECHLESS! See you soon

8y 8m #14

Thanks!!! It was magic!!!!!!

8y 8m #13

Line Up
Speachless, blasted, unified, energized, uplifted and trancended...I think we all made our own and tribal Transition! :)

Thanks to each and everyone for spreading and dedicating his or her own and cosmic energy to the project, resulting in a blissful and euphoric vibe I personally have hardly felt in the last decade...anyone asking where the spirit of the Goan age is...well, come to Transition, its right here! :)

Thanx from the whole BMSS and Transition family to YOU! For your energy, your music, your art, your visuals, your presence, your love, your vibe, your smile, your laughter, your dance, your spliffs, your Chillums, your power, your self!

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect...we gained it all! We see us again in 2012...keep the vision alive! We will...

Armin & the BMSS family

8y 9m #12 Mlindh83

Line Up
Lovely .. cant w8 til next year !

8y 9m #11 .... in progress

Thank You for TranSitioN!!!;)

8y 9m #10 Angel_Lisergia

simply the best!! LONG LIFE TRANSITION!!!!!

8y 9m #9

Line Up
It`s hard to find the right words for the transition festival. It was very special and a real gathering of the family. Such festivals are really rare and it was a pleasure to participate.
Thanks a lot for the special persons I could meet there. There were so nice real heart contacts...
The nature around is so beautiful and a party in a pine forest has got a special energy. Thanks to the organisers for there hard work and lovely welcome and all the other artists for there energy.

Thanks also our BMSS family and the transition family...


8y 9m #8

En mi opinión el mejor festival de psytrance en e-spain!! Bueno orga, buen rollo y sobre todo: buena música!! La gente super abierta y bien educada ;)

Aprovecho pa dejaros el link de la sessión, que pinche el domingo por la tarde en el alternative/ chill (más o menos), pa revivir estos momentos tan maravillosos: soundcloud

Saludos y hasta next year!!

8y 9m #7 dani4d2

Line Up
Me lo pase genial. Gracias

8y 9m #6 anamor

Had a such a nice time on the festival!!!! Thanks so much :))))))) See u next year for sure xxxx