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10y 4m #27 FreeSoul

B.oOo.M !

Sometimes there just are no words for magical experiences ... I feel, The Changeling had (has) an imense power of transformation, personal & collective... all "difficulties" arising (including all absurd escalations resulting from the "para halu thing" which I experienced personally live, backstage as well & I have no words regarding this matter, except for: Let There Be Light!) in my perception are but challenges of change, opportunity for growth, inviting our shadows to dance with us :)

And all the amazing things that were going on have already been voiced by my brothers & sisters before... the loving organization, the beautiful decoration, all amazing artists... the families that united here on many planes of existence...

The "higher mind concept" behind changeling has touched my heart truely & and this holistic approach made it possible for me, for the first time, to contribute an Alchemical Performance, and experience great beauty myself by the sight & the light in the eyes of all of you who joined this journey. Namastè!

THANKS to Entransicion, la familia de la luz, for making this possible (you are the most wonderful crew to celebrate & work with) & THANKS to all of you sweet souls who were there & opened up for this mystical experience! It was a divine pleasure to share this time of timeless experience with you! & THANKS to Nature & Spirit cooperating so beautifully with us :)

And of course, Big B.oOo.M to BMSS tribe baba for connecting us all the way you did & thus making this magical experience possible!

Now, after (& still inmidst) the changeling experience, I know a little more certain in my heart:
.oOo.Everything is possible!!! is just a matter of consciousness .oOo.

B.oOo.M unto the family of the stars! B.oOo.M de la familia d'estrella!

in Love with Light... FreeSoul
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10y 4m #26 Fenix flight

Sometimes is hard to express with precision some feelings when you feel they are really strong and authentic!

I just can say THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for all! DJ´s, deco crew, security, assistants, all the rest of the BMSS and Transition´s crew and all the people who made this dream real!

Personally, there is a before and after for me in this festival, and I think for many others too.

Thanks to Javi, Jero, Ryan and all the people who took part in the jam session, it was one of the nicest experiences for me! And Transition crew,I love you guys, and I´m very proud and happy to be part of you. Also thanks to Tristan, for his fantastic music and for his professional and colaborate attitude (not like others...).

Well, see you next time! better soon than late.


10y 4m #25 chris

also i really liked the minimal act who*s name i forgot and the sets from fraggle and anam fio!!!!!

10y 4m #24 Psyan

Hey sue, eaven creating a new account user in goabase to be able to go on discussing in the party report? were u at the party?? Who are the kids sorry? I didnt understand i think.

Sorry but as many others, I WAS THERE, and beying there means seying the van arriving for 3 times without p.h. That is a fact dont mind what story your client tells u. The rest of the artists had not one single problem with this concernes. why would be not what p.h. to play, he was one of our main artists... you really think we just decided not to pick him up and not let him play?? Just because maybe we dont feel like it after all the trouble?

We are beying extremely polite not to talk about the other facts of p.h behavour, specialy when he arrived, his actitude and other stuff that could just be negative for his artistic name in the future, Those and other facts where the ones that contributed to him finaly not playing.

I repeat as I did privately on the first time. This is not the place to go on with this discusion, and you just dont have the right, the info and the chance, you where just not there.

And hope this is my last word on this. Sorry I had to do it but I cant see how someone lies for free here. I know it isnt the right place to do it as I sayd before, but just necesary.


Thanks all the rest of participants, crew mates, assistants, artists, deco teams and the coolest security crew I have ever meet ! Thanks for helping on this dream. Thanks to all the artists for the music that was heard in the forest arround 4 days. And thanks Ana for the first Chay-tea... every time I remember that first cup... this concrete frankfurt transforms into sunny andalusian woods !!!

pd. Chris, I think u refere to Ryan McKenna.... best minimal sessions I've heard in a long time.


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10y 4m #23 chris

great party!
congratulations to all people involved.

good vibe
good music
good deco
honest organisation

sue whatever happened to para halu i dont know but is a shame he didnt play. besides i dont think this forum is the best place for this argument. not very proffesional in my opinion...

"Arguing on the internet is like running at the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

10y 4m #22 Khelben

is pretty amused about the p.h. side.
man here are lots of ppl that where backstage and recognizing what happened, i also recognized it, cause were a family and talking bout stuff going on on stage and behind it.

in my opinion he just was asleep in the hotel thinking "i also can play tomorrow" what other reason the guy should have had switching of his mobile and contacting the organizers HIMSELF with his phone a few hours later?

nevermind, great magic he missed, i can promise you!

hope to see you all next year guys!


simon / khelben

10y 4m #21 sue1

ok then just one more question:
where do you think Para Halu was at the time (you are saying) he was NOT in the hotel waiting for the pickup?? in the middle of nowhere in a small village from 2 to 5 in the morning... where?? this is the funniest part of all your stories actually...
the rest of the speculations i wont comment here anymore.
as i said its way off the limit your team members acted like kids at the festival and now accusing an artist who you stopped to do his job.

10y 4m #20

Hey first of all I would like to write a report on this superb Festival I've been to!!

Yessss entransition crew!!! It was a blast! Superb location, Superb MOOD and Spirit all over the place and between all the people, the party was REALLY well organised! It was really amazing to come there and see how much all the crew has improved in one year! As organiser of the Save the Freaks, I can really just say THANKS to you all for the big work it was made to give us this gathering!

The Music was good! The people were nice, the decos were psy and beautifull, the food was right, the chill was working fine and I saw many people dancing there during the minimal prog tech house nights... it was a pleasure to play at this party three times :P and I enjoyed every single one, differents sounds differents experiences..

One more time is nice to be part of those differents groups of artists and freaks ( BMSS, entransition & friends ), which grows every times and every times get to know each other better!


About the Para Halu story! I was there all the night in the mainfloor and in the backstage and I was wondering why I haven't seen him already on the party location, while for exemple I had spoken the day before to Tristan when Armin presented him to me and he was there before playing ans stayed at the location because he was interest in the party...

Anyway I asked to many people, Armin, Luis, Blau, Ana and so on where was the guy and I've been told that many people were trying to contact him since a long time, that he was not answering on the phone, that he was not at the meeting point outside the hotel ( where I was staying too, and it was like 10 min by car from the party location ), so when I heard that the guy called at 8 in the morning wanting to play at that moment, and not at the moment he was booked for... I thought ah that's a strange guy.... don't know if he was fucked, tired, or just wannabe star, but I don't think this is a professional way of acting for an artist in our SMALL scene... and I can say I have seen the organisers trying to catch him in many ways and in advance.... it was a moment before he had to play they were trying to reach him....

So to the next year or to the next partys :)


Dj Psysmael
Dj ChillMael
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10y 4m #19

to sue just for the record: armin was at the hotel that night with the driver trying to pick up p.h. so armin knows what he is talking about. armin even missed his own set also cause of this fuck up. mobile phone of p.h. was switched off during the night but in the morning around 8 he was able to phone by himself the organizer he wants to play now. if his version of the story is true, why didn't he try then to call the organizer at night asking why "nobody is picking him up"?

i am not about to judge what happened finally and as said this is not the forum here. the only thing i know is that the organizer was more than serious with all the artists. and there was no bloody f*cking reason to let p.h. fly in and not letting him play finally. ask this yourself and p.h.

enough said...

10y 4m #18 sue1

you have made the Para Halu booking with me, you was the contact person all the time since half a year ago so now you have to take the responsibility (and the minimum would be that you answer my mail).
anyways what you write here makes no sense at all. And since you havent been there at the hotel its You who only has rumours and not me. My information is coming from the artist first hand and his friend who was with him all the time and witnessed that nobody came to pick them up at the hotel. The 2 guys that finally arrived in the morning (3 hours later then agreed) obviously lied about the story.
And about showing no interest at all... Adam traveled to Spain in the middle of the final works of his new album, a LOT of work, he spent plenty of time preparing a 2,5 hours special set ONLY FOR THIS FESTIVAL, and an extra DJ set (for free...) why on earth would he not want to go to play??? Why on earth would it be better for him to stay at a hotel instead??? And why are your friends spreading the story in different versions??? One is saying Adam was out of the hotel, the other saying he was there but didnt wanna come to play, the third says he switched off his phone... why didnt you call the hotel? strange isnt it???
Somebody messed up something really bad and now wants to blame Para Halu but its way off the limit! And what about the lie about the paid hotel room? what about the lie about the ride back to the airport? what about that nobody not even one time gave him any food during his stay? What can you say to these things? Still convinced that your organization is flawless?

i only registered this user to answer this last time, hopefully the rest of the conversation we can continue privately.
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10y 4m #17

Line Up
Before I write a proper report covering all the magic and bliss The Changeling was made of, I just have to reply with a short notice to Sue, the booking manager of Para Halu:

Sue, you are blaming the wrong persons! You should blame instead the artist who showed NO interest in this festival from the moment of arriving! I dont wanna write down here the complete story, as this is something between the organizing crew and the artist but some of your details you are writing here are completly false! There were several "tries" picking up Para Halu from the hotel, as well in the period of time you mentioned above, and sorry, there was no Para Halu waiting in front of the hotel for his pick up! Strange as well, that he switched off his phone so no one can contact him.....hmmm....why?

Anyway, Goabase is not the right area to discuss these kind of things. Sue, you will get a Mail from Transition as soon as they have finished with the cleaning of the area and everything....until then, please stop spreading these rumors and false Information cause as I said above already, the failure and the disrespectful attitude can be found somehere else....

Ah yes, and please, stop sending me EMails full of menace and threat, this is totally the wrong approach!

Well, every magical experience has its dark side as well, every coin has two sides...
I dont wanna finish the coverage of this spiritual and magical gathering with the "dark side", so before my proper report I just say thank you to everybody contributing their energy towards this project!

I finish with a quote of Tristan about the Changeling: "You know I play on many festivals througout the year, and most of them dont make sense.....this one makes sense!"

And he is so right......

10y 4m #16 sue

to Fiorion
please no lies! Para Halu did want to go, the organizers did not went to pick him up at the hotel! he waited for them from 2 to 5 that night! the next day the organizers said they DONT WANT HIM TO PLAY!!!
i cant think of anything else then they did not want to pay his fee, thats why they didnt want him to play. they left him in the hotel without even paying the hotel room or taking him back to the airport in Seville (40 kms away!) that is how wonderful this organization really is.

BTW its really hard for me to understand how anyone can actually believe an organizer telling that the artist didnt want to go and play! doesnt it sound a little bit fishy for you at all?

And we are still waiting for the organizers to get in touch with us because they dissappeared ("somehow")...

10y 4m #15 vollbrot

Nice People,nice organisation ,nice energy ,nice music ...
I think everything was pefect. JUST WONDERFUL!
Thx to all ! See you next year (hope so)

10y 4m #14 Anam Fio

To me one of the most truthful and simultaniously magical festivals i experienced.
Everything was just so beautiful and i still have a sweet taste of enlightenment.

Thx for perfectly arranged and well balanced Psy and Prog DJSets & LiveActs !!!
Big respect to the line up designers who draw such nice curves from night to day time 76 hours long.
My honour to all the artists, tunes were really great and some of you brothers (where are the ladies ?) had a really magic flow !!!
I am excluding "Para Halu" from that. I didn´t heared him. Somehow ;) he was sitting in his hotel a 10 min drive away from festival spot and didn´t want to come.
Thx to all the deco teams. I appreciate your creative output and your hard work.
Thx for hospitality and kindness of the whole transition crew.
Your way setting up this festival was simply smooth and professional.

Thx to Gaia for giving us space
Thx to everybody sharing dance, laugh and love with anybody from everywhere - you beautiful people !!!

I am very happy beeing part of this cyber-shamanic-celebration.

10y 4m #13

Line Up

Spanish, german, swiss families united simply best birthday for me...

Now i have to take out the sand of all the clothes and bags... hehehe

Lot of love light and happines...

See you all soon

10y 4m #12

We say thanks to BLAU, ARMIN, MANUEL and the rest of the Changeling crew. Very good organisation, flair and spirit.
We wish the teams all the best for the future.


Nice vibez from Berlin :)
Piet Kaempfer & Ralle Aus Halle (Protonica | Kaempfer & Dietze)

10y 4m #11 sue

Armin, Blau, anyone from the "organization" please get in touch with me ! You know my email and you know very well that your attitude was extremely disrespectful and irresponsible regarding one of your international headliners...
We wait for your mail...

10y 4m #10

whenever the name of a festival had a real meaning, this one had one. no empty words, no so called spirit and behaviour. it was real and there and it had to be there.

armin (who brought me into this), jesus, curro, luis, ana, jana (!!!), alex, tristan (!!!), manuel and all the others who made this possible, I just love you. now it is time to go further and to contribute much much more. i will be there just let me know.

10y 4m #9 YaShA☾༓

me ha encantado la fiesta, la decoracion, el ambiente e todo estava Lindooo** pena k no he podido me kedar mas tiepo por una emergencia =( pero el año k viene ahi estaré otra vez**

Big BooM Brothers and sisters** Thanks for all*

10y 4m #8 Khelben

Line Up
WOW, what a blast!
thanks to the whole transition crew for making a dream come true!
organisation, sound, people, security, everything was just perfect!

within 10 years in the scene, this was one of my personal top events EVER!
this event had spirit and magic!

special thanks to alexsoph, fraggle and tristan for your magical music on saturday morning!
also thanks to blau for his magical progressive set on sunday!

hope to see all of you next year!

big boom