Party Reports · Modem Festival ( Momento Demento ) · 15 Jul 2014 · Slunj / Primislje (Croatia)

Modem Festival ( Momento Demento )

· Over: 8y 6m

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8y 4m
nothing new :(
Hi everyone!!

I'm here to ask for your help, my best friend Anne Cecile Pinel has been missing after the Modem fest since Monday July 21st around 9am.

Here is the Facebook page we created in order to share information. There are pictures of her on here, please click on this link:


She is French (Caucasian) and really thin (168cm and about 50kg.)
Before she left her light brown hair was attached in a bun, half of her head is shaved.
She has a nose ring, a black ear plug shaped like a horn, and a metal-colored feather earring.
She is wearing a necklace with a brown pendant and green stone in the middle.
She has a molecule tattooed on the right side of the lower abdomen.
The day she disappeared she was wearing a beige top, sarouel pants, rangers-type black boots, and a brown and beige across-body bag with a little koala keychain.
Her iPhone has a blue penguin case.

We're looking for testimonials from people who could have seen her at the festival or elsewhere.

If you have any information or if you need more info about her, please contact me.

For Anne Cecile, her family and her friends, please share this message as much as you can in order to reach as many people as possible so she can be found quickly.

8y 5m
great party in da best location