High Mountain Gathering · 14 Apr 2023 · Pokhara (Nepal)

High Mountain Gathering

· Starts in 2m 4d
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A warm gratitude and welcome to all the travelers, healers, light workers, musicians, artist and beautiful souls around the globe. High Mountain Gathering we are exited to welcome you again for the another edition of High Mountain Gathering.

High Mountain Gathering is a High Mountain ethnic tribal celebration for two days that exists in deep mountains all across the Himalayan belt of Nepal which has been practiced yearly since ages where villagers thousands in number around High Mountain regions pilgrimages to the top of the on the first day of Nepali new year (ie: Baisakh 1st, April 14th), with a wish which they believe comes true if reached the peak. With the presence of thousands of young and old local villagers including High mountain drumming Shamans and healers, it's amazing how the mountains can create a feeling of oneness in thousands where there is mutual understanding and respect for everyone even being strangers. Sharing food and shelter, sharing thoughts and talks, etc are common event during the night.... As being spring the forest of the mountain all covered by varieties of Rhododendrons, wild spinach, berry, food and flowers they camp there for the night, harvest herb the next day and hike down to village and the mountain again rests in silence waiting for the rest of the year until next years gathering.

Though we won' be joining the tribal gathering still High Mountain Gathering follows the soul of the tradition and is standing up as the mountain where we wish to inspire and boost your creativity. Our gathering gives a majestic opportunity for the visitors to feel the culture of the mountains where you rest or have fun in the gathering in the lap of cozy forest with warm mystical music, incredible mountain view and peoples. After three nights and four days of music the gathering will end for this year.

Come together to celebrate the Nepali New Year at Mystical hidden mountain
that is yet unfolded to the hectic world.

*What to expect in the festival?
-Natural Location.
-Entrance Zone
-Kid Zone
-Camping and Caravan Area
-Workshop area
-Workshop on variations of disciplines related with holistic healing, alternative living & Spiritual awakenings..
-Forest Zone (Forest Walk)
-Etheno, Herbal & medicinal plants (Excursion, experimentation & Study )
-Sunrise, Moon Rise, Sun Set, Moon Set & Star Gazing.
-Camp Fire area.
-Food & Bar Stalls.
-Poi, fire, juggling, contempory dance etc.
-Introducing to culture heritage: expos & traditional story of land.
-Visiting village and Knowing culture.
-Art & Decoration...
-Open Air Stage.
-Music (Electro Acoustic, Ethnic music, Shamanic tribal, Electronic, House, Techno, Acid, Downtempo, Psychill, Trance, Psychedelic, PsyTrance, DarkPsy, Hitech, Psycore, Ritual Core, Experimental..)...
-Beautiful Peoples & Many More.....

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
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