Hadra Trance Festival 7

Reports / Feedback

6y 8m#4basel

Line Up
can you call or define wonders? we did mostly friday night and everything was *perfect*. including weather.

6y 8m#3Illuminator' Der Erleucht

a Norwegian with whom I have had since has put me and ran off with all my stuff. I had no clothes and no blanket or tent. where it has been raining since everything was wet and very cold evening. I have not slept for four nights and repel almost gone insane. should be through the mail pile next to the Hadra shop and would be a very big Achilles tent that forbid been perfect. I've soo much desired. the weather in the mountains is unpredictable and can rain any time but also cut next year so please psychill a large tent. Despite all difficulties, the people were sooo nice and soo nice to me who kissed me over 50 times and said thanks. so I was able to hold. that was one of my most beautiful festivals, music, decor and amiable people is the best I have experienced.
I have only seen 3 i cant the German else were all French. what worthy of a loving folk. I love the me loving. See again and enjoy friends. Joy, peace and love be with you. Goaramm

6y 9m#2Illuminator' Der Erleucht

That was Beautiful Festival. Thanks for all the Happy Shop have supported. See you next year.

6y 9m#1Daphnia

It was pretty awesome! One of the best festivals I ever had... pretty well organised, nice sound, good vibrations. Maybe the main stage could be more decorated, but I really loved the visuals XD Thank you, hope to see you all next year