Elysium Island Festival 2021 Rescheduled to 2022 · 21 Jul 2021 · Sremski Karlovci (Serbia)

Elysium Island Festival 2021 Rescheduled to 2022

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Elysium Island Festival 2021 Rescheduled to 2022 21 Jul '21, 12:00
Elysium Island Festival 2021 Rescheduled to 2022 21 Jul '21, 12:00
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Dear Islanders,

Let’s mark the new date for the 6th edition of the Elysium Island Festival: TBA

As you already know, the Festival is rescheduled to 2022. We had great hope and worked hard for this year’s edition to happen. But, the government has made new measures, including the restriction of all public gatherings. We also had to consider that the pandemic is getting worse on a daily basis - your health is our priority, so it was inevitable for us to make a decision to postpone the Festival for the next year.

This year brought tough challenges and made an impact on our lives. Most of us will remember the year 2020. as a year of transformation, uncertainty, radical change, but we need to learn how to accept timeless lessons and connect with the positive aspects. Every change is good because we go step forward and evolve. It is said that “journey starts with the right application of wisdom and understanding”.

We need to look forward and try to find the joy of life. The joy comes with peace and peace comes from harmony. So, let’s make the rest of this day the best by announcing the new date of the Festival which will bring “brightness and shine” over the Elysium Island Festival sky. 💫✨🌝 Next year, we will celebrate the new energy under a full moon, while opening each of our senses!

We have the whole year to do our best to make the following edition the best Festival experience for you! And we can’t wait to re-open our sandy, psychedelic playground! 🙌


P.s. In a few days, expect detailed information about the TICKET POLICY. Please, stay patient a little longer, as this is a process which, technically, requires time, so that we can find the best solution and meet everyone’s needs.
Thank you for your understanding! 🙏
More info soon
- Transportation by boat to the island not included in a festival ticket.
- Visitors younger than 18 are not allowed to attend the festival area without parents or a legal guardian.
- Entrance for children up to 12 years is free of charge.
- Parents need to register children at elysium.island.festival@gmail.com
- Number of visitors is limited to 500
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