Party Reports · Elementra Festival Open Air 2017 · 30 Aug 2017 · Saint-Imier (Switzerland)

Elementra Festival Open Air 2017

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Just came home day before yesterday… ;-)

Thanks a lot for that awesome event!

Although “mont du soleil” was a concrete lie (for the period of music) it was a wonderful time;-)
With really amazing party people !! Always great experience if it is cold and raining like hell but people (and DJ) give all of their energy to continue and have FUN! [six stars]
Everybody on the camping extremely friendly and helpful…

Respect for the clean surrounding and especially the nice toilets(!) and showers.
I think it was perfectly organized. I (afterwards ;-) consider the way from the entrance (which was a real torture with luggage or a 50kg bike) like a filter to select between people who really want to make party and the rest… :-p

Only at the very end when for the first time the sun came out I would have expected some courtesy to continue the music instead of stepwise reducing the volume and then suddenly cutting the DJ-set much earlier than announced.
Prices…. OK, I would have liked to support you more, but for a European on a trip through Switzerland I couldn´t afford especially drinks :-(

I would love to come again!!!
PS: where to find photos???