Party Reports · CONNECTION 2017 ●●•٠•Open Air GoaTrance Festival٠• Old School Vibes٠• · 26 Sep 2017 · San Nicolas Del Puerto (Spain)

CONNECTION 2017 ●●•٠•Open Air GoaTrance Festival٠• Old School Vibes٠•

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5y 2m
Doctor Who
@ elfentanz and viviane:
wow ! iam sorry about, that you have a so bad "festival" .......

i think, what is general very pitty in goa and psytrance, is the commerz ! goa is going to be a part of "popcultur", too....

i have the feeling, that some people are only wont to make "party", take some drugs and glow in the dark, but "goa" is (or should be) more, than that (for me) !

the roots of "goa" are psychedelic ! but the goa-partys are going to be more and more, to be NOT the right place for psychedelics ):

but i thought/hoped, that the connection was not so .........

i like to look aftermovies and so on......
but sadly aftermovies are only good marketing, too.......
only the best days (with sun), the best acts, the positive statements, and the best picture....

how ever on the aftermovies from connection looks like that, what on the most festivals is missing !
the oldshool-spirit !
but the truth is, connection was a very good festival (for me), and have more spirit like much other festivals, but the aftermovies are raising other expectations......
for example: children, that playing in the sun.....

if i would have children, i dont would take them with, to connection, becouse i dont want, that they play in urin or (dog) shit......
or that they play between much of dogs, becouse maybe they bite...

the psyPEE had the same (toilette) problem, in the last year, but i think, this year, they have make it better....
but the psyfi is 10* bigger than connection !.......

but thats not only the organisators fauld, how unsocial or silly are the visitors, too ?
if i drink much beer, than i need to pee i dont drink much of them (;
but ok, everybody how he/she like (i think a goa-festival is not the right place for much alcohol).......but how unsocial is it to pee in the near of other tents !
maybe simply take a bottle or walk to the next outlaying tree or pee near to you tent !!!
i know in spain, somewhere its "normal" to pee on streets, but everybody have a brain and can use it ! (urine, in a few days and no rain = smell).

and another thing, that was not ok - somebody have placed the buggy with a young child on the mainfloor...
what that ?

is really very sadly what happen with psytrance in the last years !

i mean, it is not so complex to make a good party or festival !?

enough, clean toiletts !,
some dj, there know, what there do and dont play confused trash with breaks and so on (electric universe and astral projection make a very good job, on connection - but the most djs, that i have heared there, was good !, i think !),
maybe a good, warm chillout, with good (vegan) chai ! (often chais are to expensive and the spices are not good combinated),
if it possible, than fire !,
a nice place in nature (with (flowing) water, becouse to much ideots pee in the water),
(consequent) no dogs ! or an seperated dog area !,
no childs, if the festival is to "dirty" or a place for childs, with offers for them,
good food for fair prices !
- fruits, smoothies, some veggie-food and some good meat,
pizza ! (pizza on connection was to expensive and not so good, like efik-pizza !)
and maybe no alcohol, becouse i think alcohol often make "unpsychodelic", "unsocial" or "bad things" (like fight or sexuall assoults and so on) or or or or.....
and of course respekt for the nature !! and the other visitors.....

maybe a medical service or something like cosmicare.....

and a good oranisation !

but i have the feeling, that the organisators often want to make money, but are not able to organisate it wise ! and keep the spirit of "goa".....

ok, the thing with the wildfire is not the dept from the connection-organisator (i think (; )
but only 6 toilets, that are closed at night, for the hole tentplace is totaly silly !
and only cold showers......i have not a so big problem with cold showers, but sometimes a warm shower is a little bit, like healing and it cleans better....and the nights are really cold !
so maybe a warm shower for 1-2€ should be ok (; .....
but some of the cold showsers are not working very well, too....

becouse of the police, i was warnt, but i think it was very hard !
they make so hard controlles, only becouse of 1500-2000 people ?!
is they nothing that make more sense, that they can do ? as searching for some drugs, in the hope to get one big fish or so on ? it is really absurd !
i think the sentences in spain are not so hard ?! what happen with somebody, who is catched with 1-2g weed or so on ?
i think so they scare tourists (money) away......... and in barcelona you can buy weed in the shops....its all so silly....
or have the organisator dont pay enough bribemoney to them ? ^^

it all make me very sadly ! becouse i remember partys and festivals, in the last 10 years, that are much better, than what is going up, atm......
and i think the festivals in spain and portugal are much better, than what is going on in germany........

quantity in case of quality......

if somebody know some festivals, that are like in the past, with spirit and so on, please tell me !!

(sorry for my english, i try my best)
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5y 2m
I had a great time, but still, totally agree with the other comments.

Me, being a native spanish speaker, had great troubles communicating and understanding logistics... can't imagine for foreigners.
The shuttle bus was absurd, I was lucky I arrived at a non-busy hour, and still had to wait A LOT.

Toilets were scarse, and even closed at night (in fact, for most of the day!).
Despite that, people peeing and shitting in the camping area... that's also a great part of the people itself, the spanish culture.

Sound was terrible for a big chunk of the party, I had to go behind the stage and tell them, and the sound guy blammed the dj's low quality audio... amazing. They fixed it later on though.

No chillout stage... the alternative stage was just the same, or hard techno, or weird stuff... seem popular though, so perhaps it was simply not to my liking.

Worst and most expensive food and drinks that I've seen in any festival. Won't even describe the things I got for the money I paid, to avoid grossing out people... but it was sad and infuriating.
Fortunately the camping's canteen was great, but I found that too late, and probably most people didn't.

Parties are for people, NOT FOR DOGS. They DON'T enjoy it, despite what they owners want to think (imagine those sensitive ears exposed to 24hs loud music!), and it's totally disrespectful to others, violating the PLUR basics.

Deco, place, and people, amazing, as usual =)

Can't blame them for police checkups though, I don't think the organization is involved in that at all, but perhaps more "lobby" could be made, specially in a country whose laws around drugs are quite liberal.

Not far from a really good fesival... but it needs a humble organization willing to learn from the feedback.
5y 2m
Thank you for your reports, glad not to have been there - after 2015 & 2016.

Toooooooo much dogs, nice to read, I'm not the only one, but it looks, the organizers don't worry too much about dog-shit (maybe also men's shit & urin odeur -- & urin on my tent, thank you, neighbors, also for your toilet paper!) between tents & anywhere - I do...

As I heard from other sources & festivals, too, in ES it's not like north of the alps, they seemingly don't worry too much bout promises, catching up DJs, shuttles (which won't exist - I had The Experience 2016, very nice, still wondering, if the lady got her flight??) etc...

Sound was another reason, maybe "the good stuff" happened at night, when I tried to oversleep the fucking cold nights up the valley, but it didn't make the impression, as if I had missed anything.

Yes, & the spanish communication is another reason, no, it's not a bad one, it's simply no communication... Do they think, this is ok like that? Or did they get the information over the last few years, but are obviously not competent enough to change it?! Or do they just not care...? (which I don't want to imagine, after all, it's literally their baby...)

Sooooo, thank you, bye-bye ES, we won't meet in near future...

Dear Organizers!
Good luck, catch up the criticism & make it better - if you want to establish yourself as a really good organizer. Right now it doesn't look that good...

PS: If I had a bar, & a guest asks me on the first (& the 2nd) day for a drink which is very common (esp) in southern regions over all EU, I would catch up the opportunity & get that fucking stuff & make more sales - & one (or maybe even more) guest(s) happy...
I learned: Others won't... :o)

PPS: To end with a good note: Although deco is not my first necessity on a festival, it was really really niiiiice eye-candy! I appreciated it!! :o)
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5y 3m
The Connection 2017

nice people, nice location and some nice music....
after we´ve been at Connection 2015, the Connection "oldschool" festival 2017 was a disapointment.

Now, where to beginn ? 4 days before the party started, we got to know that it wasen´t possible for cars and caravans to the festival area , because of a past wildfire 2,5 km from festival ground.
They only told this on the facebook side , not on official festival side, bad for people without Facebook-account, and worst for those which has been on the road at this time.
Everything would be nice, the organizers said, there will be a 24 hour shuttle-service they said.
We keep the festival familiar they told, only 1500 tickets we sell.

We arrived tuesday night at about 2200 am, after 32 hours in our car.
After we qued an hour for bracelets we started queing for the shuttle busses, observed by guardia civil all the time. A crouwd of more than 60 people was waiting for the shuttle and every minute more people were arriving. The shuttle bus arrived after 3 quarters of an hour, only able to pick up 15 to 20 people, so the number of the waiting didn´t decrease... the next bus arrived one our later.....after more than 3 hours there wrtr still enough people for two busses in front of us ... so we started to walk the 5 km to the festival area with our lugage. Happy that we knew the way :) but lot of people didn´t.. there were no signs... no light.... nothing. After we survived the 1,5 hour march in the darkness , we arrived at the festival ground...

finding a place for our tent was the next task.
Not enough place ! Tent next to tent, so many people were nearly camping on the main road or on sloping ground.

The toilet situation... Only 12 toilets for about 2500 people on camping area, at day,
at night even them were closed. So... you had to to cross the camping, pass shoping area and both floors to go to toilet at nighttime, and how expected..pipi kacka everywhere, even in campingplace owners veggi garden, stinkystink :(

The police game - First festival in my live were the police was controlling outside and inside festival ground like this ! Police was patrouling at any time outside and inside festival ground. Checking peoples pockets for no reasons, knocking at tents even at night, for no reason.
The cops took the stuff they liked, and left the unliked rest, nothing else. Some people have been arrested , therefore i don´t know the background.

The music... Not only oldschool in oldschool temple, the alternative floor was no real alternative, often they played hard and fast on both floors .

We came for real oldschool, like they played in 2015 but even this wasn´t good like before.
Even some of the famous djs like Total eclipse played something horrible instead of real oldschool. At night time they mostly played something like dark for a few lost people on the mainfloor.
To much people on the dancefloor at day, to much dust, and no calm places to relax.

Food and water... 10€ for a bad pizza 6€ for a veggy smoothie.The best possibility was the owners restaurant at the campside... there u got a full diner for 6€.

2€ for 1,5 l water (after nobody was able to carry lot of water to festival ground cause of car situation), and no free drinkabel water anywhere on the area, not good for dancing at 30 degrees.

In fact more than 1500 tickets were sold... 1500 only in internet... and djs got tickets for selling,too. We met one of the smaller djs , he got an amount of 100 tickets for selling .
we think of arround 2500 or more on festival ground.

The fire, we got to know from fireman has been 9,5 km from festival area.

etc... etc

thank U for reading
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5y 3m
Doctor Who
Line Up
was a very, very good festival !

but not enough toilettes on the camping ground (near by the tents), so that most pee behinde the tents and it smell like uriin.
and to much dogs ! nothing against dogs, but at night, it is not easy to see them and they sometimes shit between the tents !

and the police sometimes looks for drugs and so on (at the gate and busstopp).

music was perfekt and deco, too !

a little bit more/different (vegetarian) food where be nice, too - but it was ok, for a so small festival (;