Party Reports · Blackmoon Festival 2014 · 20 Aug 2014 · Italy (Italy)

Blackmoon Festival 2014

Over: 7y 4m

Reports / Feedback

7y 4m#2Yiahia

Great party with a lot of fun and incredible nice moments! :) I love the location and the vibe was really good most of the time ;-)

Unfortunately i have lost my mobilephone there. It's a really old Nokia without any tangible value but it would be very nice if i can get the Sim-Card back...If somebody found it please contact me! Thanks

7y 4m#1basel

Line Up
you can find bigger festivals. older festivals. longer festivals. more exotic locations.
yeah sure.
but that special magic, that keen mix of true underground attitude and perfect organization, that superior positive energy, that you can find only at Blackmoon.

ANOTHER OUTSTANDING EDITION. 5/5 is not even enough to describe this gift,.