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26.09.20 ·

Welcome to the new machine!

Goabase has moved

Welcome to the new, at least twice as fast machine!

Already since the beginning of September a new server has been prepared on the side and step-by-step. The Goabase database (5GB), about 60GB of graphic files and a backup of about 200GB were copied from the old server. This alone took 38 hours.

In the beginning a new server is only a basic installation. On the old machine everything was of course set up appropriately - which then had to be done on the new one. Fortunately Linux can install all programs from machine A to machine B. All in all it was an extensive check whether everything was set up correctly and all automatisms were running correctly. Security checks, corrections, fine tuning.

The domain was used for tests and a temporary SSL certificate was applied for. For the goabase website itself, it was then necessary to check whether everything was running as expected. To be on the safe side, tests were repeated several times, especially if they involved newly acquired detailed knowledge or versions.

The result is not only a faster computer, but also one with (slightly) better configuration. There is now SSL/TLS v1.3 and a (slightly) better mail configuration - and since there is enough disk space now, larger image formats at the parties, members and in forum/comments.

Then DKIM/DMARC is installed. A system in which the mail providers know that the Goabase mails really come from here and therefore do not belong in the spam folder.

You see, we do not "sink" - quite the opposite. Well, dear organisers, it's up to you too. Let's look ahead. Enter your parties for 2021, line-up "t.b.a" is enough. The people are happy about light at the end of the tunnel... :)

And if you, dear visitors and members, think that "all this" deserves support, then distribute the Goabase-Link and/or have a look here:
Support Goabase

Thanks a lot!

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