The latest from the code kitchen

11. Apr. 22 ·

The latest from the code kitchen

The changes since February.

There have been updates in several sections:

  1. In the party search on Aktuelle Partys, there are now options for "Your Reports", "Your Meetingpoints", "Your Photos", etc. to find all the events you've made an entry for.
  2. In the same place you will find your own assigned party styles and show the events you have "tagged".
  3. The uploaded pictures can now be sorted by drag & drop, both in the gallery and party pictures. The look has also been changed there, which was still pretty old-skool. The order there is currently different (oldest on top) than before and will still be changed to optional.
  4. On Bilder verwalten there are up to four links for different kinds of photos, if available:
    • Your picture gallery
    • Your party photos
    • Your forum pictures
    • Your pictures in messages
    The last two are private picture galleries and contain more links to the individual posts.
  5. The pages Party Newsletter and Partyserver have been reworked and now offer autocompletion for the cities. When entering the first letters, corresponding cities are suggested for selection.
  6. Other details like the permanent edit link on Dein Account & Co., the refreshed layout on Goabase Logo Galerie and minor optimizations.

Hints and critics in the comments or via Kontakt, as well as donations via Support Goabase are as always welcome :)

amalesh (Webmaster)