Server Move [Update]

14. Sept. 20 ·

Server Move [Update]

Once again a server move, but this time to a different hoster

Now it is almost 25 years, the Goabase. A prehistoric rock, an old lady, a thing with a lot of history - and still not to be killed ;)

The sponsor, a hoster from Duisburg, is no longer interested in providing a server for the psyradio promotion. He has now, after 15 years, cancelled the contract. The news was surprising, but that's how the world works.

A better server has already been rented from another hoster and is already being prepared. Before we can move, everything must be set up properly and all services must be running, including backup (this deserves its own article on a technical blog).

During the move we will be offline for about half an hour, maybe a short SSL warning message will appear. But most people won't even notice it - if everything goes smoothly.

On the new machine everything will be faster, it will run on an SSD, the CPU will be faster, there will be enough disk space.

But at the same time you can also ask yourself: What's the point of it all? Corona killed the Goabase anyway and now spending money is just stupid. Dead horses are not ridden. Well, but somehow I, as the operator, am also an idealist. The number of visitors is rising again. And even if the party entries of earlier times are never reached again, here is a great archive of party history, which can't just go under. Somehow I'm already getting my money's worth - and if I ask you (more strongly) for a donation. Freely according to the motto:

Support Your Party Dealer!

Support Goabase

The last tests are all going well and the server move is now planned for Thursday 17.9. from 22:00.

Please do not write any texts shortly before. During the move only a simple message will appear everywhere.