One message to multiple receivers

1. Aug. 16 ·

One message to multiple receivers

Sounds simple - and yes, that's what it is finally
Multi Msg

Private messages can now be send to various receivers. It may sound kind of banal, but the pre-existing message system, which hasn't been changed since it's starting, had to be severely extended in order to make it happen.

At first glance nothing has changed actually - you can still send a personal message to anyone at any time. But take a further look and you may discover the new " And" icon, which opens a new window where additional members can be searched for and selected as receivers.

When typing in a new message, a list of people will be recommended to you: The ones who have already written to you in the past and who are able to send party invites. They are arranged by their "last online" login dates.

If someone you're looking for is missing in the list, the reason might be that this person hasn't contacted you yet. Just ask him or her to send you a message - et voilà: As soon as the message has been received, this person shows up in your list immediately.

When answering a "group message", your message will be sent out to all the other receivers of the original one. Additionally you can add further members to your answer list, to really spread the word :)

At the message overview there's an icon, showing all it's receivers. Currently the amount of members has a total limit of 20.

Well these are the new features so far. As the new "General Post Office" is still in beta, all your ideas, suggestions and feedbacks are very much welcome!

Anyway, just have fun with it! :)

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i severely do not capeesh this!