New event type: Festival

24. Apr. 15 ·

New event type: Festival

Right on time for the upcoming summer season, festivals can now be found just per click on start page and party search!

Now, there is a new party event type Festival. This helps to find larger Open Airs.

Festivals are larger Open Airs with a separate camping area, several floors, clothing- and chai-shops, food etc. They usually take a minimum of 1.5 days, i.e. 36 hours. The other Open Airs take less than 1.5 days and they are much smaller than festivals. The main difference is the time duration of the event.

All 14,500 Open Airs currently available on Goabase went through an automatic check. About 4,000 parties are affected and approx. 150 upcoming Open Airs are categorized as "Festivals" now (if they takes longer than 36 hours).

You find the festival link on start page or in party search.

festival option