Neues der Goabase

14.10.22 ·

Goabase in Spanish

¡Hola amigos de la Goabase! The Goabase is now (again) available in Spanish. Not yet perfect, but probably already usable. [Update]

Menu, page texts, the complete FAQ/Help and over 320 language variables have been translated into Spanish in the last few days with the help of the DeepL-API. It can be switched via the flag icon at the top right.

Even if (many) individual text snippets and the mails are still in English, the benefit for Spanish-speaking visitors is certainly already higher. About 125,000 characters were the previous scope.

In the next few days, we will work on the further translation and gradually put it online.

If you think it's good, you can donate a nice cup of coffee: Support Goabase ;)

[Update 21.10.] It's done: The mails and all 1,148 language variables have now been translated. 170,000 characters in length - and everything now also in Spanish.

The whole thing was done without the help of Spanish speakers - I hope everything is understandable enough.