Easy Party and Music Styles...

15. Mai 11 ·

Easy Party and Music Styles...

Below the party details you can enter the styles. Previously this was a tedious business. Now the sound styles suggested for the first typed letter.
The party styles can then be easily selected.
(For experts: This is the first time jQuery in action, but without AJAX)


Related option: Organizers can also delete styles, which they think do not belong to their party (via "Edit Party").

- If you want to send invitations, click the new tab "Invite members" at your own parties. Is faster than down in the details.

- Is "Last visit" active, the word "now" is displayed, otherwise the last time when you were active.

- There are new links in every "who comes" listing with more than 30 people: "In any case, maybe, not".... The others can be found more easily. This also works in combination with friends on that party.