Corona and Events

15. März 20 ·

Corona and Events

Which we unfortunately assume...
Dear party community!

Due to the current development of the Corona crisis we unfortunately have to assume that almost no party registered here will take place in the next 2 to 3 months, i.e. until the end of April or May 2020.

Since the parties on Goabase are registered by the organizers themselves and the entry is also managed by them, it is primarily the responsibility of the organizers to update their entries, i.e. to publish postponements or cancellations here.

Therefore we cannot provide you with this information ourselves.

But we can imagine that many organizers have other worries because of the general chaos:

Please check carefully if and when which parties actually take place. Contact data and links can be found in the party entries. Share the findings with your friends who want to join you.

And don't let them drive you crazy, stay calm. Just think twice what is and what is not important and show solidarity with the organizers; especially for many smaller party organizers the current situation is threatening their existence.

We hope that we can all leave these worries largely behind us until the summer and all of us can get together again on the field.

The mod team of the Goabase.
3j 2m
Indeed, stay safe in these times.. Its truly a worldwide pandemic going on now ...
3j 2m
Dear slaves ,

The real pandemic is the spread of ignorance ...... and false information ......... especialy from self proclaimed experts and the press ......

For facts look here ---- > []

BUT ...... remeber that they're not realy relevant unless we make a comparison between this disease / its dangers / its spread and others ....... like ...... for example ...... ebola , bubonic plage and the 1920 flu pandemic .

Its called natural selection ......survival of the fitest .......and its the reason that we survive .

Seriously ........ what could be better for humanity , nature , to combat over population , homelessness , hunger , poverty , unemployment , starvation and the capitalist climate catastrophy .......... ........ all of wich costs us massive amounts of money , time and resources......... and polutes / weakens the gene pool ........ = Puts us all at great danger ....... than billions of geneticly weak organisms that coludnt survive without help dieing ?

We should be celebrating . The universe took the responsibility from us ......... the only other chance we have to solve the problems that political partys and capitalism have made and forced on us is the tooth fairy , santa , jesus , aliens , war ....... a major deadly disease is a present that we dont need to have a guilty conscience about when it solves our problems . The only other way is to do it ourselves :) ....... whos going to decide who's to die ? And who's going to kill them ?

What about doing the best for the planet and doing everthing we can to spread brexrona ? :) To get rid of the geneticly weak that threaten all of us ? Do we want a planet full of organisms that can only survive ...... and kill the planet with over polpulation ....... by living in sterile conditions ?


PS . Die slaves die ....... but please do it quietly ....... show some self respect and backbone and just go to the nearest compost heap and sit on it ...... back to nature is the way to go ....... at least die green :)
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Dear Ha$$an
I'm trying to decide if you are some kind of new Darwinian Fascist or just an idiot.

Your total mis-perception of Darwin, natural selection, evolution, virii, anti-bodies, epidemics appears eclipsed only by your massive hubris, or arrogance.

If you are volunteering other peoples lives for death, please go first.

Only about the 70k humans who have survived this virus have anti-bodies for it.
Unless you generally propose we don't treat our sick or elderly and kill them as a general principle (if this option is true, what gives YOU the right? THEN I would say go die, you piece of shit.) what you suggest is like saying "run naked with no weapon into battle". It's stupid.
We will, of course, eventually deal with this bit of RNA and its lipid coating, but the middle of a global pandemic where no vaccine exists yet = not the time to suggest such a radical health care plan ("ha you are sick, then die" says the doctor in the hospital or what?)

Your brilliant strategy was being followed by the UK Tory (BREXITEER) leadership until quite recently, and the result is lots of dead people and no possible future containment strategy.

See, the goal is not a "sterile world" but rather to buy some time to slow this pandemic.
Once individual outbreaks die down through social isolation, then this can be addressed in other ways.
TIME is all we require to overcome this as a species.

There is no "reset" button nor "erase and try again" so, I'm afraid we will have to make our world better instead of senselessly wishing for the death of millions for the mere satisfaction of a foolish humans desires.

You should stop needlessly wishing for the death of vast numbers of humans or anything, and instead be part of the effort to reform the human conceptions of life on earth.

We could have a paradise here, and live in harmony, but its' required to be compassionate, not evil.
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3j 2m
Off topic on ---- >

You've missunderstood my post . ...... it was facts mixed with sarcastic gallows humor ....... the big problem for humanity ...... its not corona , climate catastrophy or anthropocean ........ its ignorance .

Please can you limit your posts to facts , things i've actualy said and sensible argumentation points . Thank you .

If you want me to explain and / or you want to debate anything i've written please do it somewhere else and if i'm allowed to post there i will .

< ---- Off topic off
3j 2m
oCeLoT-vectorSelector-TheRealO ...... I hope that this helps to clear up a few things

1 - Right from the start the john hopkins university has been reporting the facts . Cold and sober . The press and governments havent . We see the same sensationalist storys of dieing people and crying nurses over and over again all day every day . Then people have opinions in the net that they arent qualified to have .

We see a society on the edge of panic , marshal law , curfew and at the same time the TV tells us that there might be riots and plundering next week . ( Unfortunately i didnt see any address where i could register to take part )

People watch to much TV and internet , panic and hord toilet paper !!! ...... Wich led to two fights at the local supermarket where blood was drawn and the police had to be called .

.................................... Most of the people in the world dont use toilet paper .

2 - I'm in the two top risk groups . I went to the two local supermarkets on friday and the only thing i could buy was coffee creme . On monday i went again and the only thing i got was some milk . When i got home my nose was running . Later that night i had blood in my snot , my joints ache , i have a preasure in my head and cold shivers . I still have that . My problems are ....... not illness or dieing ...... my problems are ...... what the fuck am i going to eat ? :) ...... and X more months of this irational hysteria and panic .

3 - Look at three control groups and compare them over time = China , germany and italy . In china it seems to be over , or at least the first wave . In germany people arent dieing as much as in italy . Why ?

4 - Look at three control groups and compare them over time = china , europe and africa ...... And compare the amount of infections and deaths . The disease should show its full potential in africa because of lack of health care , education , information , poor hygene and poverty . Then we know its true potential .

5 - A vacine takes at least 1.5 years to develop , test and be aproved . Then it has to be distributed and payed for . Shit like trump buys it all and gives it to the rich ? The army he can keep control ...... ? ...... so that they can stop us rioting and plundering :) ....... and after 1.5 years the virus isnt a danger anymore .

6 - I dont want anyone to die ...... but i'm glad they do :) The biosphere is dieing and we only have theoretical chances of surviving . We've known for a long time that theres to many people on the earth and that it cant carry so many . Humanity is waiting for a solution and that can only be ...... less people somehow . How ? GOD wont do it . Hunger , poverty and war are already being used to do it . Santa or the aliens wont do it ....... The ' best ' choice is disease / natural catastrophy ....... because we dont have to take responsibility for that .

7 - ' what the fuck am i going to eat ' ?

Luckily my nextdoor neighbour is a cripple and cant walk . He weighs about 140 kilos . I've worked out that i can keep him alive for at least 4 months ...... and start eating up his legs , then his arms , nose , ears and tounge ........ and just feed him the bits i dont like = Recycling so its green and sozialy acceptable . Dont want to get a guilty conscience because he dies of hunger .

Food ? ...... Soilent green ? ........ piles of fresh meat everywhere ...... for free !!! ........ unfortunately its not winter so it will stink .

8 - Serious question ....... We wont know the facts for at least 6 months ...... What have we / are we going to learn from this ? ........ one good thing is that we now know that the whole of politics can be done by video conference ....... that we could see ........ = No more political deals behind our backs at our cost .

9 - SERIOUSLY ...... IMAGINE ..................................... BABYLON FALLS !!!! ......

The end of faschism and capitalism ...... and we have the privaledge to watch it :) ...... and after two years ...... the ones that survive all ' live ' as stars in their own mad max film !!!

I and i think a LOT of other people have been praying for that every day all their lives .
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