About Goabase

About Goabase

The Goabase is an international Goa/Psytrance party calendar with its own community, online since 1996.

It originated from a small flyer collection, which was put online with simple HTML. Within the next few years, a website was built with PHP and MySQL, to which everyone can register, post parties and write further contributions.

Constantly "agile" new functions and features were added, depending on what was due and what is technically up-to-date, see History and Features.

Today there are 91,928 parties with 440,665 photos and 148,282 reports. There are 128,350 accounts registered, 67,636 photos uploaded and 297,958 comments written. In the forum there are 34,486 topics with 1,639,851 posts. The newsletter is sent weekly to 0 e-mails with all new parties. The parties are available via interfaces like Party Events in JSON/JSON-LD and RSS Feed und iCal Optionen and integrated on other .

Almost the entire website is an in-house development, from the SQL tables to the CSS. Friends helped me with the implementation of some modules, see Imprint. Furthermore, a separate CMS/backend was written to manage the necessary data (e.g. this page content). A permanent further development takes place.

A lot of emphasis was put on performance and Privacy Policy. According to SSL-Lab, security is rated "A+". Only minimal data is collected and no third party providers are integrated without being asked (exception: Google advertising for anonymous visitors). The server is with a small hoster and is 100% self-administered.

The (personal) motive is the "fun of it". Since I work as a PHP freelancer, Goabase is an own environment for the implementation of current technology, the solution of certain challenges and the optimization of the whole. Parts of the code are used by my customers. Of course, the topic itself is of great interest, i.e. the parties and the people I have already met.

Andreas 'amalesh' Kempf, Hamburg 2018