About Goabase


Über Goabase

Goabase is an international Goa/Psytrance party calendar with its own member area, online since 1996.

It started out as a small collection of flyers, which were put online using the HTML of the time. Within the next few years, a website was built up where everyone could register, enter parties and write their own posts, see History and Features.

In the meantime you can find 97,407 events with 445,399 photos and 148,468 party reports from 1993 until today. 131,748 accounts have registered, 105,966 photos have been uploaded and 298,290 comments have been written. There are 34,931 threads in the forum with 1,700,000 posts. Parties can be accessed via interfaces such as Party Events in JSON/JSON-LD and RSS Feed und iCal Optionen and included on other Partyserver Websites.

Almost the entire website is a self-development, from the data model to the HTML. Friends helped me with the implementation of some modules (see Impressum). Furthermore, I wrote my own CMS/backend to manage necessary data (like this page content). There is a permanent maintenance and further development.

A lot of attention was paid to performance and Privacy Policy. Only minimal data is collected and no third-party providers are integrated without being asked. There is no advertising and zero trackers. The security is rated "A+" by SSL-Lab. The server is at Hetzner and is 100% self-administered. Everything is financed by donate via Support Goabase.

The (personal) motive is the "fun of it". Since I work as a PHP freelancer, the Goabase is a separate environment for implementing current technology, solving certain ideas and optimising the whole thing. Parts of the code are used by my clients.

Oh, and of course I'm interested in the actual subject, i.e. the parties, the festivals, the music and the people I've had the pleasure of becoming familiar with.

Andreas 'amalesh' Kempf, Hamburg 2021