Voditsa · Bulgaria
Open Air
Over: 1y 7m  · 

-Duncan Mc Can - Deephouse/Techno (Scotland)

-Finbar Poppin Spacedust- Psy Trance(UK)


-Mushin (Tom Carlyon)- Fire Twirling (UK)

Delphine Occular Imps dancers (France/UK)

..and many more

-Eira Pickle - digital Mind (UK)

-Pickle & Gwilym back to back psystep& dubtrance (UK)

-Mat Vynal - Techno/ Dubstep (UK)

-Nicolay Sabchev - Psy/Warm melodic (BG)

-Omni (nuno Nunes) - Psy trance (UK/Portugal)

-Fortless Kelly - Funky/Electro/Breaks (Uk)

-Ali Mudie - Indie generation/alien Abduction

-Katy Grooves - Filthy Psy (UK)

-Wacky Wack - Psy trance (Turkey)

-Peter Hippi - Chill/Progressive(UK)

-Dr Psy - Stomping Psy (UK)

...and many more

Voditsa near Popovo, east of Veliko Tarnova

Entry fee
15 Euro

First PsycloneSam festival in a pretty little valley at Voditsa. 5 days, 4 nights filled with magic, music and art.
For more information visit: [facebook.com]

Free Camping and fresh spring water on site.

Only 5 minutes away from a stunning lake.

Cheap buses and trains are running daily from Sofia to Popovo. The location is easy to find and it is only 5km from Voditsa and 18 km form Popovo.

Bar - Food Stalls - Fresh Honey Stall - Dancers and Fire Performers

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Sound Styles


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