Troll Trip with: Psionic Entity, Pinto, Phelixx B2B Agalaxy, Hullo

Party flyer: Troll Trip with: Psionic Entity, Pinto, Phelixx B2B Agalaxy, Hullo 14 Jan '17, 21:00
Party flyer: Troll Trip with: Psionic Entity, Pinto, Phelixx B2B Agalaxy, Hullo 14 Jan '17, 21:00
---------------OGGY CLUB DUBLIN present:-----------------------
Troll Trip with :

- Psionic Entity (UK)" Egregor Music / Soma Sonic
- PINTO (CRO) " Oggy Club Dublin
- PHELIXX (BRA) "Galactic Groove Records / Psynonymous
-B2B - AGALAXY (POL) Special Birthday set ;)
- HULLO (SRB) Old Electric Pulse
-PSIONIC ENTITY is a DJ, producer & promoter who has been heavily involved in the Psytrance Scene in UK for over a decade.
As manager of the Psychometric Vision Collective, he is resident DJ at their Liverpool based warehouse party/club night; Soma Sonic.
During this time he has performed all over Europe, Asia & South America.
Now happy to be representing "Egregor Music" from Argentina in Europe. An experimental Psychedelic Trance label spawned by magickal beings that share his vision and intentions for facilitating transformational experiences through trance rituals.
Always surprising his audiences & defying pigeonholing with an uncompromising & boundary pushing, experimental style. His sets vary greatly to suit the time and the vibe of the party, reflecting the different energies of nature & the full spectrum of human experience.
The sounds of Forest & Hi-Tech Darkpsy can most commonly be heard, but its not unusual to also hear more melodic, but still twisted, Morning/Freeform Psytrance or Minimal Psy Progressive sounds by day. Also having a massive collection & love of downtempo music, he can be heard guiding listeners through hypnotic ambient journeys of Downtempo Forest, Psydub & Glitch.
-PINTO (Oggy Club Dublin) born 1984 in Croatia currently living in Dublin Ireland.
Visiting raves at younger age and in 2007 buying dj equipment and start to play
First it was techno, progressive and in 2011 visiting first Ozora festival I was amazed with culture and all things going around the psytrance scene. Interests in other music vanished and I start to exploring psytrance music world. In the beginning I was playing progressive psy and after some time switching to full on and faster and more psychedelic music. Now I am trying to put various styles of psytrance in my sets from twilight psy to night full on and forest psy. It must be psychedelic, and not boring. I played at many small parties, festivals and gatherings in Croatia always trying to do best for dancing crowd
On The Rox (in the back of Voodoo Lounge)
8 Coke Lane - Dublin - Ireland
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