Opaluna in UTTSK !! 23 Feb '19, 16:00
Party flyer: Opaluna in UTTSK !! 23 Feb '19, 16:00
Line Up
Molchun [Aranyadhwani/ Moon Koradji Rec.]
Weejoonz [ Patgap Music/ Insomnia Rec.]
Fugu Cans [Patgap Music/ The Cure]
Bubbleguns [Digital Shiva Power/ Pralayh Rec.]
Knocknock [Aranyadhwani]
Weeknockz [Treetrolla Rec.]
Kiohm [Alfehmir Rec./ Aranyadhwani]

:: DJ SETS ::
Suzi [Pukkawallah Records]
Alien Trancesistor [Vantara Vichithra Rec.]
Bastel [Auwald Rec.]
Cacofonix [Vantara Vichithra Rec.]
Fungalam [Occulta Rec.]
Adamaya [Aranyadhwani]
Ultapulter [Aranyadhwani]
Vantara Vichithra & Etereal
Secret Location
Entry fee
Entry fee
2000 INR
· 780
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Sound Styles


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