Interstellar feat Stefan Goldmann & Cajak

Interstellar feat Stefan Goldmann & Cajak 20 May '17, 23:00
Party flyer: Interstellar feat Stefan Goldmann & Cajak 20 May '17, 23:00
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Connecting cutting edge music and visual arts with otherworldly concepts, Interstellar have brought names such as Minilogue, Space DJz, Robert Leiner, µ-Ziq, Shifted, Marco Shuttle, Patrik Skoog, Milton Bradley, Ø [Phase] & Neel to the region as well as organizing one of Asia's largest alternative outdoor festival to date, the Eclipse Festival 2016.

This Saturday, we welcome back a special Berghain/PanoramaBar artist & Macro records label head, Stefan Goldmann; along with a warm debut Singapore welcome to our beloved resident & Tokyo's Rainbow Disco Club founder, Cajak.
House-Techno veteran night, we are in for a treat ;)

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Stefan Goldmann - Macro Records / Berghain (DE)

Techno and house have always been about imagining the future and feeling the excitement of change and discovery. If anyone can claim to have lived up to this aspiration in recent years, it must be Stefan Goldmann. With every release and project he has brought a new edge to the table, creating some extraordinarily memorable tracks along the way. The uninhibited dirt of The Maze, the melodic craze of Sleepy Hollow or the free-floating choir samples dominating Lunatic Fringe have provided genre-shifting role models for countless DJs and producers. Macro, the label Stefan Goldmann operates with Finn Johannsen, has been called “the leading avant-garde techno label” by De:Bug Magazine.
From this position he has crossed over into art projects with an approach that remains essentially techno: investigating grid rhythm, sampling, vinyl culture or digitisation down to their very cores. Commissioned works and one-off performances – ranging from intimate solo encounters at iconic venues such as Kyoto’s Honen-in Temple or Los Angeles’s LACMA museum to large-scale compositions for music theatre, film, ensembles and dance – have become as much part of his presentation as DJing at clubs, festivals or at Macro label nights in Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna or Tokyo alongside the label’s artists, including Elektro Guzzi, KiNK, Peter Kruder, Oliver Ho or L’estasi Dell’oro.
A special relationship has formed between Stefan Goldmann and Berlin’s Berghain club since his debut at Panorama Bar in 2006. He conceived the Elektroakustischer Salon nights, opening up the club to experimental formats, and writes a column for its regular program flyer. He is also a co-author of Berghain’s 2015 book, “Art In The Club“. His own book “Presets” was published in 2015 and investigates automation and industry aesthetics in digital music production. While playing around with the boundaries of art and science, this techno renaissance man still feels most at home between two decks, communicating with the crowd through the beats he creates and mixes.

Cajak - Interstellar (FR) soundcloud

Cajak has participated in many facets of the industry as a performer, event producer, curator, and technology developer from Tokyo to Berlin to Bali. Notable projects include founding the Rainbow Disco Club festival in Japan and Resonanz, a Berlin Tokyo culture and arts exchange platform.
Through a 20 year career across 3 continents, Cajak’s influences make him a hard act to pigeonhole. House, disco, dub, techno, ambient, idm, experimental, and acoustics are all part of his repertoire. In his DJ and hybrid sets, tracks and sounds are always selected and put together with precision in a lager musical narrative or context of an evening. Due to his versatility he has played alongside a wide variety of artists from Dixon, Ben UFO, Floating Points, Ame, Dasha Rush, Craig Richards, Efdemin, Tobias and more.
Due an extensive exposure to sounds and cultures from all over the globe, Cajak has a unique sensibility to bring the listener out of the comfort zone into new yet familiar sonic territories.

Presale Tickets : $15 (includes 1 drink)[]

Door Tickets (if any) : $25 (includes 1 drink)

*The venue has limited capacity so no guarantee there will be tickets available at the door.

Doors open at 10pm, see you this weekend![]

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