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JAIA - [GR/FR Tribal Vision ] []
Jaia is the progressive house/ trance / donwtempo project of the French producer Yannis Kamarinos. In 1995 he formed Jaia with Jean-Michel Blanchet and they released their first tracks on Fairway Records. First Jaia album “Blue Energy” (Cross/East West/Nova Tekk), was released in 1998 and re-released in 2000 as a double CD with a 6 tracks bonus CD under the name of "Blue Energy/Blue Synergy" (Dakini/Yellow Feather). Jaia released several 12 inches too, as well as numerous tracks on various labels compilations, such as Island, Iboga, Wagram, Milan, Tribal Vision, Tribal Vision. World, and many others.
Since 2000 Yannis is working alone under Jaia name and has released in 2005 the album “Fiction” (on Digital Structures ) which fuse psychedelic sounds with fat atmospheric progressive trance and house. Today Jaia’s music is actually a crossover between progressive trance, progressive house and electro. Jaia is also still producing ambient and downtempo tracks.He has collaborated with other producers-DJ’s such as Dado (aka Deedrah, Synthetic,…), Wizzy Noise, or Silicon Sound.. He has remixed famous artists like the French singer Mylene Farmer – including her singles “C’est Une Belle Journée” and “Pardonne-Moi” (Polydor/Universal)- with Blue Planet Corporation, the Moroccan singer Tyoussi (Fairway/SonyMusic), Vibrasphere, or the French pop band Jpex (Wagram). Jaia has also been remixed by Total Eclipse, Minilogue or Jimmy Van M for example…

Yannis is evolving in side projects too, like Even 11 with Silicon Sound, Altitudes with Blue Planet Corporation and Silicon Sound, or the electro-house one Kama & Mc Gregor. He is also part of the electro and house oriented label Pumpz Recordings.

Since 1997 Jaia has been performing live and dj all over Europe, and in other countries such as Japan, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and in the USA. He has actually played at several big gatherings like Return To the Source in London, the Gaian Mind Festival in the USA, Solstice in Japan, the Samothraki Dance Festival in Greece, Universo Paralello in Brazil , the Sonica Festival in Italy, the Shambhala Music Festival in Canada, the Ozora Festival in Hungary, or the VooV in Germany.

Swedish based electronic music composer Magnus Birgersson aka Solar Fields built a unique sonic universe with a constant shifting from high tech ambient flow into broken beats, powerful sequences and fragmented loops.
As a natural born multi-instrumentalist, Magnus plays the Veena, sitar, drums and guitar and is also deeply connected to any sound processing machine. Constantly exploring new musical horizons in his famous high-tech station called Studio Jupiter, Solar Fields likes to develop an evolving dream (“unfinished” as he likes to mention) and offers an intense listening experience.
The productive discography of Magnus Birgersson should be considered like a following of drifting masterpieces : 6 solo albums, two collaboration album with French composer Aes Dana under the name H.U.V.A. Network and more than 50 compilations features for various labels. Often classified as ambient downtempo. Solar Fields music in fact goes further than these boundaries propulsed by his talent for sculpting hypnotic harmonics and layering sounds.In 2007 he began composing a stunning in-game score for Mirror's Edge, Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE, a new first-person action adventure game released worldwide on 14th November 2008. From the start praised to be "Poetry in motion" and one of the most exciting and innovative game, Mirror's Edge also promises to be a sonic treat for all PC, PLAYSTATION®3 and Xbox360 addicts.

CELL[France/Ultimae Records]LIVE []
1984 saw Alex Scheffer entering the world of machines. Aged 10 he received his first machine from his mother and father, respectively pianist and drummer, a Juno 106 Roland. At that time, student at the Conservatoire, he started looking at LFOs and filters. His favourite instruments remain keyboards and especially the piano, an instrument which he will get back to at 13 when entering the Jazz section at the Conservatoire of Chambéry (73).
His growing interest for machines and electronic music enticed him to listen to artists such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, John Cage, Peter Gabriel.

Convinced that a fusion of styles is fundamental, Alex decided at 16 to look into Pop-Electro fusion. He took part in several bands as keyboard player and arranger, his main function being to mingle and mix electronic sounds into Pop-Rock atmospheres.
After his Acoustic Engineer studies, Alex definitely made a turn towards electronic music. While collaborating with different directors he got to carry out all types of orders. Original soundtracks for advertising, short films, catwalk and even contemporary dance for which he wrote more than an hour of music.

CYGNA[Malta/Metacept/IT Records]LIVE []
Cygna is a field of humble atmospheres in a warm lit sound journey created in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea by the gentle prodigy Mario Sammut.

Since 1998, the mentioned artist has been composing subtle operas through various sound sources that he constantly and passionately interacts with. Film directors, ambient music gurus, and a world of other artists continue to be amazed by the graceful force of his organic sound works, compositions, and visionary arts collaborations.

The combination of analogue warmth, rhythmic beats, modified ambience sounds, and classical instruments is the wonder found in Cygna’s works: elegant and ardent, gentle as a butterfly’s wing yet deep and grounded like the eldest carob tree. In many ways, Cygna’s creations transport the listener through a warm passage of humbleness where the heartbeat sounds evoke Cygna’s unique colours in the world of symphonic ambient.

The fervent trajectories which are created by the upcoming artist dive deep into the listeners’ stream of thought, and accompany each space by evoking a dreamy background right at the centre of their heart. Similar to nature’s secret, Cygna responds to and yields an array of inner sounds within all of his listeners, many of whom are astounded every time they embark on his musical journeys, those natural works of his humble soul.

At the start of this third millennium, Cygna’s creations possess the perfect sense of belonging as they invite the listener to stop and feel the inner space, the outer environment, be it human and native, light and deep. Cygna may be truly identified as one amazing sky of surprises that is heading towards genuine success with docile spirit and prestigious works.
DJ Nikitas []
The best Greek DJ [ Freeze Mag's Opinion]after years of practising , also a producer strikes back in athens in a special dj set!!!!
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