Priego de Cordoba · Spain
Open Air
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- Ying Yang Monks (Maharetta Records/Full Mongui) Spain
- Agneton (Sita Records) Belgium
- Sishiva (Zero Gravity Records) Greece
- Multiman Live (Mahareta Records/TransitioN) Spain
- Space Elves (Dimensional/Suntrip Records) Serbia
- Interconnekted (BMSS Records) Malta
- Imox Maya (Ananda Tribe) Guatemala
- Zaraus (One Foot Records) Portugal
- Acid Box (Maharetta Records/Full Mongui) Spain
- Thedarkface (Dropland records/Zero Gravity Records) Spain
- Imba (UAF Records/Suntrip records) Serbia
- CoaGoa (UAF Recs/Phototropic Recs) Bosnia
- Future Energy (Zero Gravity Records) Spain
- Lunar Dawn (UAF Records) Croacia
- E.T.R Project (Red Dust) Spain

- Boom Shankar (BMSS Records/Transition) Germany
- Psibindi (Red Dust/Aphid Records) United Kingdom
- Free soul (Transition) Germany
- Felipe Volumen ( Isla Bonita Miami Records) Spain
- Hell Blau (BMSS Records/Transition) Spain
- Lord Flames ( UAF Records/Transition/ Red Dust) Spain
- Matt Loraine (Psyco) United Kingdom
- Alexsoph (BMSS Records/Transition) Germany
- Shriniva (Sumeria) Ibiza/Holland
- Biofa (Sindar Productions/NWO) Brasil
- Dark el kante (Random Rec./6D-Sound) Spain
- Basslion (Sumeria) Spain
-Sharas (Amaya Productionz) Spain
- AroA (Hippyflip/Ravespirit) Spain
- Obit (Red Dust/Zero Gravity Records) Spain
- Chimbo (Maharetta Records/ Full Mongui) Spain
- Translucid (Zero Gravity Records) Spain
- Ruhl (Fractal Records) Spain
- Corthes (Red Dust) Spain
- Raffis Villalba (Industrial Beat) Spain
- E-Nigma (Psyara) Spain
- Khaoscope (Zero Gravity Records) Spain
- Dunle Goaleidoscopic (UAF Records/Red Dust/MIGTUO/NWO) Spain
- Dienekes aka Crystall Meta (Ultravision Records/NWO) Spain
- Moon Trip (Transition) Spain
- Pedro-P (Red Dust) Spain
- J-Xtorsion (Dropland Rec./Ultravision Rec./Skizodelic Mind) Spain
- SuperSpunk (Red Dust) Spain
- Psy Ramer (Red Dust) Spain
-Zatoichi (Psylocibe) Spain
- Psynestesia (NWO) Spain

- Sutrajam (Spain)
- Bernardo Hangar (Spain)
- Iñaky Bensusan (Badajoz)
- Alic (Digital Diamonds/ Horns And Hoofs) Germany
- D.E.K. vs Djane Bribri (Random Rec.) Spain/Colombia
- Dj Psyweone (Spain)
- Coagoa (UAF Records) Bosnia
- Imba (UAF Records/ Suntrip records) Serbia
- Dunle Goaleidoscopic (UAF Records/Red Dust/NWO/MIGTUO)Spain
- Jigme (Spiral Spectrum) NL
- Yana Parkhomenko (Psyco) United Kingdon
- JIGME (Spiral Spectrum), NL
- Dj Danyel (Switzerland)
- Obit (Red Dust) Spain
- BeNBaSS (Psyara/0204,España Network)Spain
- TreboRpSy(Ecuador)
- Toxic boy (Trilokos) Spain
- Biofa (Sindar Productions/NOW)Brasil
- Dubgeridoo (El Mundo al Revés) Spain
- Gerard Leon (The Reunnion Club Party) Spain
- Angelo apple ( nomodee& clubbing )Spain
- David power ( bordeline) Spain
- Joelong ( nomodeea& clubbing ) Spain
- DR. Usak (Spain)
- HC Series (Psynesthetic 2.0) Spain
- Lonchasdelic (Mad Trance) Spain
- Julio Roger (Transition) Spain
- Long Bomb Clap (Spain)
- Lu-Krazy (Spain)
- Mr.Leftman (Red Dust) Spain
- Javi-R (Spain)
- Dj Norbak (Spain)
- Ogre (Gueto Blaster) Spain
- Dj Saiko (Gueto Blaster) Spain
- Translucid(Zero Gravity) Spain
- Francis+ Mute (Gueto Blaster) Spain
- Lord Flames (UAF Records) Spain
- Corthes (Rerd Dust) Spain

Sumeria Productions (Ibiza)
Andrea Psylife (Red Dust) Spain
Tribe of Frogz (Uk)
Barbie Fluor (Trilokos) Spain
UltraViolet Moonlight (Spain)


Be Reverde(Red Dust) Berlin.

The point of connection will be in the precious mountains of Cordoba, in a camping- rural house surrounded by green mountains and equipped with camping area, showers, parking, chill-out bar… The natural reserve of Sierra Subbética is located in the southeastern area of the province of Cordoba on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. This is an exceptional place because of its ecological and scenic value. Located between the Bética mountain range, made up of limestone.

Entry fee
20 € Advance
30 € At he gate
***C O N N E C T I O N 2 0 1 2
A D V A N C E D T I C K E T S***


Here there are the warriors who will become possible the Connection:

Welcome to CONNECTION 2012

Psychedelic Vibe Goa Gathering


Red Dust has been involved since the last two years in a project in which we are thrown into the dream of music and the union of all souls who can reach to gather at the same point, hypnotized under the influence of the psychedelic culture. We love and support psychedelic trance, trance, Goa trance and psygressive, without losing contact with other dimensions of the same culture, like darkpsy, psybreaks or hitech.
With all our experiences through these past two years, Connection is born. The first Red Dust´s open air festival. A festival dedicated to the two greatest feelings that make the world go round: love and music. Merging bodies and souls through the sounds you love. These magical encounters make us to live a thousand adventures and experimenting infinity of feelings that will remain in our memories forever … Meet people from different places in the world and enjoy your music in a deep connection. WE WILL BE ONE dancing, surrounded by nature in an incomparable landscape over more than two days.
Music, respect, peace, nature and connection are our pillars. Our guides will be djs and musicians from all Andalusia, the rest of Spain and several points of Europe, supporting our love and admiration for trance music and setting free our minds and spirits. We will say good bye to summer and give our welcome to autumn with an unforgettable meeting.
Workshops, visuals, chill-out, main floor and a wide range of activities will be performed through these magical days of connection. Share your ideas and become a part of this adventure, your adventure, because all the people who love this music and the way to feel it: WE ARE ONE.

You are an essential part in order to achieve the connection in this magical gathering. Remember that all is organized and conceived for your enjoyment, that´s why we would be grateful if you respect and take care of the elements that are part of the festival: decoration, animals, nature, throwing up rubbish in the bins, taking care of the other participants, being careful with the toilets and other facilities.

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