Darkness Falls - PENTA - "Give me Five" Tour

Reports / Feedback

11y 3d#4*FreaKy BabE*

Übrigends: ich han dänn no es paar Föteli gmacht.. Die folget dänn no ;)

See youuu...

11y 3d#3

location killa
wetter der ober hammer
sound besser gehts nicht
alles in allem eine super und gelungene party!!!!!

11y 4d#2*FreaKy BabE*

very nice location in the wood with a barrack...
with two shuttles, in the morning as well!!!
very good lineup

it was a memorable party! :)

11y 4d#1noktek

bad location
no shuttles in the morning
good lineup
very good and long set by penta at normal time