Blisargon Demogorgon {Macedonia} Live in Chennai 14 Oct '17, 20:00
Party flyer: Blisargon Demogorgon {Macedonia} Live in Chennai 14 Oct '17, 20:00
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Quark Dimension
Blisargon Demogorgon
(Bhooteshwara Records - Macedonia)

on Saturday, October 14

Blisargon Demogorgon real name is Valentino Trenchev and he's from Macedonia, born in the year of 1982 in the capital city Skopje. His perfomance nick as DJ is Montezuma and he got involved within the trance scene at the age of 16. He went on some trance parties but at the age of 18 he started to perform and play at private parties in Skopje.

Naturally, after a few years he started to make his own parties as well. Montezuma has performed on parties with big names like Digital Talk, Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Kluster, Azax Syndrom, Miraculix, Shane Gobi, Dark Soho and many others. In the year of 1999 Valentino started to produce his own tracks, and he started out with Fruityloops. Valentino didn't seem to find the right power in order to express what was going on in his mind, and turned his mind to Mod plug tracker, Cubase and finally established a great connection with the combination Logic/Cubase.

Valentino's first track got released on Nabi records and also after he released more then 40 tracks in compilations on labels like Stone age, Ketuh, Doof, Alkaloid, Golden dawn, Peak, Kagdila, Acidance, Manic dragon, Hypnotica, Digital Psionics, Bhooteshwara, Plutonic, Killah Tea, Pixan, Shaman Films, Pleiadian, Zaikadelic, Psylife, Divine Balance, Samsara, Goanmantra, Tremors Underground, Mental Mekanix, Evil Knivel, Purple Hexagon, 2to6, Caffix, Blitz Studio, Urban Antidote, Shiva Squad and two albums were released one by Inpsyde media records in 2007 called ''Book of Magic'' and one collaborations album released by Bhooteshwara records in 2010 called ''Ruthless Illusions''.

The music that streams out of this project is generally deep night sound and powerful, with a lot of rhytms and loaded with atmospheres.

Apart from being active producer Valentino opened his own label Bhooteshwara Records in 2006 which by now has released 10 CD’s and 2 EP’s. Label is mostly focused on promoting quality psychedelic music that is meant to be played in the late night hours.

During his career so far he has been performing in many countries such as: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Italy, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica and India.

Sounds: soundcloud


(Quark Dimension - India)

Brahmaastra is the ‘Pure’ Psychedelic Act of Zeenish, from Chennai, India. Ever since its inception in 2013, the act has repelled every form of foreign influence to reflect the true ethos of Psychedelic.

The Soul of Brahmaastra lies at the hardcore, underground end of its diverse spectrum. The project is an assortment of hypnotic drones, eclectic layers, atmospheric sounds and modern psychedelic arrangements that evoke mystical and mind-altering themes.

Sounds: soundcloud



Caesar (Dhiraj Kumar) was 16 years old when he moved his body to the jolting beats of break dance at a private party. It is at that instance that he fell in love with music and its far reaching
effects on the human psyche. By 17, he had navigated into the sea of Electronic Dance Music and was taken aback by the wave of transformation it was leaving behind.

Over the next couple of years, Caesar found himself picking up different sounds from across the world and playing at small gatherings and parties, thus initiating his career in professional disc jockeying in Chennai - his hometown. Soon, he absorbed the aesthetics and technical aspects of mixing and began sharpening his skills at the console.

From Hip Hop & House to Techno & Psychedelic Trance, Caesar’s humble beginnings started paving way to a more fascinating career in Music. Having played at numerous pubs, clubs and
outdoor venues in Chennai, Caesar plans to produce his own sounds in the years to come.

Today, at 23, Caesar has shared the console with world-renowned stalwarts such as 1200 Micrograms, Fungus Funk, Dark Elf to name a few. Caesar’s take on the console is as enthusiastic
and energetic as his smile, and it is his dream to travel the world and see people smile.

Sounds: soundcloud


Static Prayer
(Sharada Devi Records - India)

Static Prayer is the brainchild of Chennai based producers Amrit Kishan and Rohan Mohanty. Being school friends they never thought they would team to send psychedelic tunes out to the society!

The journey started a year and half back in 2015 when these two jammed over for a day or two and processed the thought of playing out together forever!

Static Prayer is a psychedelic trance project specialising more in forest twilight and dark progressive psy trance! Having Amrit Kishan on the mic beat boxing to psychedelic music and sampling with the help of his mouth and Rohan Mohanty on the console,these two come up with some power pact music!

They have been signed into Sharada devi records!
Static Prayer has opened for various artists such as Yatzee, Ozzy , White wizard , Dev etc. Static Prayer's speciality is to make the crowd groove to some serious rolling in the baseline and tickle the brain of the people with some live sampling!

Sounds: soundcloud



LunaTribe is the project of Ratul Steves from chennai, india. With years of listening , he decided to take it to the next step.Started mixing and producing an year ago , his tunes call out to all souls of mother nature.Inspired by the pure and mystical sounds of the forests, his twisted melodies will tell you tales from your deepest jungles. A mix of both old school beats and new school frequencies, which calls to all tribes of the moon.


Artist & Tour Managed by:
Omkaraॐ & Bunk House

Stay tuned for more on the Activation!!!
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