Astral Invasion Acid Mind from Paramistycal Rec/Monkeyexplosion 16 Mar '18, 23:00
Party flyer: Astral Invasion Acid Mind from Paramistycal Rec/Monkeyexplosion 16 Mar '18, 23:00
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E' arrivato il momento di incrementare ancora una volta il livello del genere Goa invitando artisti sempre più di fama e con trascorsi sempre più importanti perchè vogliamo in primis creare eventi indimenticabili e unici.

In questo evento, come promesso, avremo la collaborazione dei MONKEYEXPLOSION CREW dove Luca Acid Mind from Paramistycal Record ci accompagnerà per gran parte di questo party .
sono in ballo tante altre sorprese in fase organizzativa e molto probabilmente non sarà l'unico Special Guest.... STAY TUNED!!!

The Acid Mind project by Luca De Rossi, an Italian Dj & Event Promoter, was born between 2007 and 2008 within a group of people called Davya Crew, making free parties in Veneto (a Northern-east Italian region)
Acid Mind took his inspiration from his very dear friend Dj Ilai, who taught him to use the CDj and so connecting him to the psytrance scene.
The musical style of Acid Mind is currently ranging from dark to forest till the contemporary twilight and underground.
He played all over Italy during the last years, becoming very quickly a landmark for the whole Italian trance scene.
He started lately his international experience playing his djsets also abroad in Romania, Switzerland, Austria Luxemburg and UK.
In 2013 he joined the well known music label WOO-DOG Recordings and in 2016 he began to collaborate with the new Brazilian label PARAMYSTICAL RECORDINGS.
Since year 2015 he became also an active partner of Sonica Dance Festival in Italy, taking care of all the technical production.

***** sound system :12 KW "MaD" professional audio (top quality sound)

***** GRAPHICS by Daisy Blum []

*****DECO: G*psy Family []

►tutto questo nella nostra Main Room di 300MQ
Basso Aquar, 61
37135 Verona
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