ARJUNA PSY-HI 2021 28 Aug '21, 20:00
Party flyer: ARJUNA PSY-HI 2021 28 Aug '21, 20:00
Arjuna Lab is proud to bring you the second edition of our psychedelic music and art gathering, Arjuna Psy-Hi

Last year we celebrated the first anniversary of the son of one of our crew members, and decided to name the event living up to his name, Arjuna. After what was considered a success, we decided to keep going on and go for a second round, with the same philosophy as the previous edition but a stronger and renewed concept.

We will reveal during the upcoming months the wonderful sound alchemists and visionary artists who will accompany us throughout this journey, as well as the workshops, activities and details of the celebration, so keep updated...

For inquiries, suggestions or communications, please write us at or message us to the event page, Arjuna Psy-Hi
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