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About Psy-To-Delic

He was born in may 1982 in Hannover. Since 1985 Thomas E. based in Hamburg.
The most people better knowns him under his mannor Psy-to-Delic,
is spinning music since 1994. He played on open air, in german clubs and around the world... spain or egypt. In future,
he hope that he make live & dj sets all around the world.
Always spinning with his perfect mixing skills and very special own style.
Now he want to the big festivals world wide. BOOM, Aurora, VooV, Lovefield, Tshitraka, Boom
and more. In his music career he played much musicstyles like minimaltechno, techhouse, electro & hardtech.
In his psychedelic dj set´s he play a mixture of psyprog, fullon, darkprog, psy and progressive trance.
2010 is the year who he come to studio to working & producing new tracks.
In June 2011 released his debut Album "Psy-to-Delic - Movement". It´s a experiment project with interesting sounds,
strings and nice tunes. Now he producing new psyprog tracks or remix something.
Look and find out:).



-=( NEXT GIGS )=-

24.08.2012 Goameile: Psychedelic Drum (Set 5-7 Uhr) (Ziro Club)
31.08.2012 SandStrandStampf 1
22.09.2012 Earthdance Festival Hamburg (Global Festival)
26.10.2012 Arcoustic Energy (Dildofabrik)
16.11.2012 Rumpel den Kuhstall Part 2 Martin's B-Day Bash
21.12.2012 Goameile: Weltuntergangsfeier (Ziro Club)
more Dates coming soon

-=( past Gigs )=-

06.01.2012 2012 The Beginning
12.01.2012 Elbtix Trip
21.01.2012 Wedel Sounds like this
01.03.2012 PsychedelicPiloten Rec. Kosmisches Planeten Angel
09.03.2012 Goa goes Spring 2012 (Moorbeatz)
15.03.2012 TranceDance @ Atisha
16.03.2012 Tiefensymphonie 5 (Flensburg)
18.03.2012 Juice Club Frühschicht
30.03.2012 ~•●Multiple Sound Adventure●•~
07.04.2012 Blue Botanic´s B-Day OA (Stuttgart)
12.04.2012 Klang Zone 2
12.05.2012 Trip Experience 2012 (L.uminary S.tar D.ynamics)
17.05.2012 Northern Calling Vatertag's Edition - Umsonst & Draußen 17-20.5.2012 Full On Summer Beatz OA (leider frühzeitig aufgelöst)
07.06.2012 Progress (ive)
16.06.2012 Friendly Team U&D
23.06.2012 RumpelPumpelCrew meets Friendly Team U&D
07.7.2012 Sun Celebration Vol. III Chrizzlix B-Day Special OA
22.7.2012 Juice Club Frühschicht Laut & gemütlich
27.7.2012 GOAMEILE pres. TIME OF GOA (ZiroClub)
04.8.2012 Cados B-Day Celebration OA
05-12.8.2012 Kazantip Festival 2012 CANCELLED

-=) HISTORY (=-
2001 Trancenight Schaumparty (Cala Ratjada Spain)

2003 TranceMisson Attack (Pinneberg)

14.03.2009 Crazy Nights (Wedel)
01.10.2009 Subotnik in Trance (Hamburg)
13.11.2009 Rave Planet Revival Night 1993-2000 (Hamburg)
19.11.2009 Spiritual Healing Special (Hamburg)
19.12.2009 Bodrum Frühclub (Hamburg)
25.12.2009 Moorbeatz Last Dance 2009 (Moorege)

12.01.2010 Subotnik in Trance (Hamburg)
20.02.2010 Moorbeatz goes Spring 2010 (Moorege)
14.05.2010 Psyroom Tribes Part 1 (Psy-to-Delic B-Day) (Hamburg)
20.05.2010 Subotnik in Trance (Hamburg)
22.05.2010 Kunterbunt meets Psy!!! In und Outdoor (Elmshorn)
15.07.2010 Subotnik´s Last Dance (Hamburg)
02.10.2010 Psyroom Tribes Part 2 (Stefan´s B-Day) (Hamburg)
27.11.2010 Liquid Sunshine Vol. 3 (Elmshorn)
17.12.2010 Psy S.O.S. (Hamburg)
25.12.2010 Moorbeatz Last Dance 2010 (Moorege)
31.12.2010 TiME TraiN Endstation 2011 Sylvesterspecial (Elmshorn)

02.01.2011 TiME TraiN Endstation 2011 Sylvesterspecial (Elmshorn)
05.02.2011 Moorbeatz goes Spring 2011 (Moorege)
18.03.2011 Tiefensymphonie Part 4 (Flensburg)
09.04.2011 Psychedelic Conzept (Murdock´s B-Day) (Hamburg)
23.04.2011 Feel the Spring (Wedel)
07.05.2011 PsychoActive Seaport (Hamburg)
12.05.2011 Spacetribe OA (Psy-to-Delic B-Day Special) (Hamburg)
04.06.2011 Psyroom -=VibeTribes3D=- (Wedel)
14-17.07.2011 Airbeat ONE Festival 2011 (Neustadt/Glewe)
06.08.2011 Sessionstage Vol.1 (Hamburg)
26.08.2011 Lost in Space B-Day Special (Hamburg)
16-18.09.2011 Rumpel Pumpel OA Festival Part 2 (Schwerin/Rastow)
13.11.2011 Frühschicht Laut & Gemütlich (Hamburg)
20.11.2011 Elbtix Flash (Hamburg)
25.12.2011 Moorbeatz Last Dance 2011 (Moorrege)

-=) CLUBS (=-

Xiroy (Mallorca/Spain)
Maxx (Wedel)
Planet Subotnik (Hamburg)
Bodrum (Hamburg)
Juz Rizzen (Hamburg)
New Carina/Zapp (Pinneberg)
Kühlhaus (Flensburg)
Liberte (Hamburg)
Kamari (Wedel)
Rote Flora (Hamburg)
Airbeat One Festival (Neustadt/Gleve Germany)
Atisha (Hamburg)
Juice Club (Hamburg)
S219 (Hamburg)
AngelClub (Hamburg)
Dildofabrik (Hamburg)
Goldenfire (Hamburg)
Ziro Club (Hamburg)


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