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Since 1994 mushroom magazine has linked together Psy Trance culture and has become an authentic part of the Goa scene. The magazine is universally accepted by all partygoers and actively shapes and influences the scene.
mushroom magazine acts as a print and online medium centered perfectly in this scene and is a powerful communication tool. mushroom magazine refers to a world wide network of writers and extensive contacts to the majority of scene related activists. As a direct result mushroom has both national and international credibility.
A large proportion of mushroom readers consists of adventure and consumer oriented young adults. They are especially enthusiastic about night life, music, DJing, fashion, travelling, internet, telecommunication, decoration art, wellness, bio-products, politics and environment, as well as esoteric topics.

We support these interests with editorial specials about DJ equipment, fashion, open air gear, the internet, shopping, travelling and more!

mushroom magazine is authentic, unique and a world wide success.

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