Log book of Captain Jaws Underground from Morning Star spaceship
Space-time ratio: 3.0-24
Report about discovery of exo-planet similar to ours at border of sector 47

We have caught electro-signals from this planet
We carry a recording of 9 geomagnetic sequences of 145-150BPM frequency

Ask permission to contact civilization in order to discover level of technology and share mutual knowledge

Characteristics after 1st contact:
Their technology and ours are very peculiars. It’s based on the coexistence of a very advanced science and a constant supremacy of mind
Technique must never go beyond the taboo of thinking machines.

Sending recordings for analysis
Planned return date and put into orbit around the earth:
J-5 Terra-days

End transmission...........................

Title: Frontier(s)
Artist: Jaws Underground
Cat.Nr.: GEOCD76
Format: CD
Mastering by: Meteor Burn
Release date: April/May 2012


1. Huri-Huricane
2. The Exorciste
3. L+S=D
4. Polypheme-Acid Before Acid Again- Jaws RMX
5. Tranceminator
6. Unbeliveable
7. Resistance Is Futile
8. Cold Blood
9. Space Adventure

all tracks written & produced by Alexandre Joly aka -Jaws Underground-


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