TRANSITION 2017 ::: Open Air Trance Festival

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5d 11h #8
the hague · Netherlands
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Hello :)
I will arrive to Seville on the 9th by plane.. Is there anyone going to the festival from Seville? Sharing a ride? Or tips to get to festival?
One Love

5d 12h #7 C. · OFFER

Hello there everybody
Have two cheap entrances that I would like to sell out as I will not be able to drive to the festival in the end...
let me know if you know somebody who might be interested!

8d 19h #6 psycowboy · SEARCH

Looking for people who travel from Faro. I arrive 8.5. and start 9.5. normally by Bus. I´m Flexible.

14d 20h #5
Brescia · Italy
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Ciao beautiful humans!
I will land by plane in Sevilla on the 12th evening, I just need a lift from Sevilla to the festival around 8-9pm because public transport is not an option anymore at that time, let me know! :)

30d 16h #4
Caravaca de la C · Spain
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Hello! We need two seats in a car, and we can share gas expenses. My friend and I are from Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia. We could also meet you closer to your route.

Thank you!

1m 15d #3
· - n.a. -
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we are coming from Barcelona. We have 2 places in the car. If anyone would like to share the expenses, will be very welcome!

2m 29d #2 Ninpuukamui · SEARCH

Hola, estoy buscando sitio para ir desde Madrid. No conduzco, pero compartiré los gastos más que encantado. Muchas gracias!

Hello, I´ll be traveling from Madrid and need a lift. I can´t drive, but will happily help with expenses :) Thank you!

9m 3d #1
ॐTimTailer ॐ
Coimbra · Portugal
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we would like drive from Coimbra/ Casais de Sáo Clemente to this Festival..
We would be very happy if someone could take us away from here