The Element 2021 10 Jun '21, 18:00
Party flyer: The Element 2021 10 Jun '21, 18:00
Line Up
Weirdos Psy Music (live) [Parvati Records, IT]
SC: soundcloud

Goch (live) [GloOm Music, MK]
SC: soundcloud

Forest Bamp (live) [Vantara Vichitra Records, ES]
SC: soundcloud

Full Face (live) [Vantara Vichitra Records, GR]
SC: soundcloud

Leso Psy Music (live) [Sonic Loom, IT]
SC: soundcloud

Anascole [Blowing Haze Records, AL]
SC: soundcloud

Arian Rrecaj [XK]
SC: soundcloud

Ezbi [PSYKS, XK]
SC: soundcloud

Genc Elezaj [XK]
SC: soundcloud

Kaynaki [Killa Hands Arts Collective, TR]
SC: soundcloud

Noctum [Vargmal, XK]
SC: soundcloud

Mizuki [MK]

Qyshpsetek [Totem XK]
SC: soundcloud

Pollux [XK]
SC: soundcloud

Rinor Hoti [Ins Culture / Vakuum, XK]
SC: soundcloud

Simor [ISR]
SC: soundcloud

Straightforward [AU]
SC: soundcloud

Voyager [XK]
SC: soundcloud

Virgo Cosmos [AL]
SC: soundcloud

Younion [Lotus Feet Records, XK]
SC: soundcloud

+ many more to be announced.
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4 Days, 4 Nights, 2 Stages, 40+ Artists and a lot of surprises!
✽ Visuals: Ins Culture

✽ Decorations: Lunar Deco & Hyperloopks

✽ Poster Design: Arian Rrecaj
Camping Zone
✽ Chill Zone
✽ Food Corner; will feature a variety of dishes with many vegetarian and vegan options
✽ Basic Needs Shop
✽ Festival Shop
✽ Artisanal Shops
✽ Chai Area; where free tea will be served 24h a day
✽ Healing Area + First Aid Corner
✽ Fruit Stand; where a variety of free fruits will be served
✽ Cinema
✽ Secret Observatory


✽ Exhibitions
✽ Workshops
✽ Yoga Sessions
✽ Movie Screenings
✽ Expeditions (Hiking & Boat Trips)
✽ Sports and Physical Activities (Slack Line, Juggling, Voleyball)


✽ Camping site under olive trees, equipped with showers and toilets.
✽ Free camping if you bring your own tent.
✽ Tents for rent at affordable prices will be available at site.


🚌 Festival Shuttle will be available from Sarandë to festival location during festival days.

✈️ Nearest Airports:

via Corfu Airport: 🛳 Corfu - Sarandë Ferry Line (30m)
via Tirana Airport: 🚌Tirana – Sarandë Bus Line (5h)

🚌 Regional Bus Lines:

🇦🇱 Tirana – Sarandë
🇽🇰 Prishtina – Sarandë
🇲🇰 Skopje – Ohrid – Sarandë
🇬🇷 Athens – Sarandë
🇬🇷 Thessaloniki – Gjirokastër - Sarandë

✽ Join our meeting group to meet other people and arrange travel together:

Shpella Lukove
Entry fee
Entry fee
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Hyperloopks , Butonat , Lotus Feet Rec , Totem Xk, Vakuum , Ministria e Psikadelikes , Killa Hands Arts Collective
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