NEW VISION music & art Festival

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11m 23d#1Plexigo

Line Up

• announced Line Up


• no Location GPS point until 21.2
• bad communication and slow online service
• bad location
• no shadow at camping area (trees etc.)
• no shadow at the floors (empty during the day)
• ridiculous decoration attempts
• bad soundsystem / bad adjustment
• beer 3$ / chips 4$ / nuts 6$
• no water refill / no info before the event started about that fact
• locals were permitted to sell beer for 1$
• nearly no food available because
• no atmosphere / nothing to do - no workshops, yoga, tattoo etc.
• no swimming area! just a flooded ricefield with infected standing water
• bad path to the location (dusty, sandy and slippery)
• djs missing and different timetable
• not even an attempt to make the location and the festival look cozy
• bar was finished in the 2nd night of the festival - what a shame
• no lights! at the mainstage were after some nights a pair of RGB spots
• absolutely non ecologic! waste and dirt everywhere!
• problems with the showers / sometimes no water

To sum up, it was the worst imaginable festival i've ever been to!
Whoever organized this mess of a "Failed Vision" should leave the psytrance scene behind and start a new lifestyle. Every event like this kills the energy of our scene and is an example for a mindset that does not belong to the spirit of our scene. Pure capitalistic egoism combined with a talent to mess things up. Shame on all involved. You tricked people for money, Karma will do its part and bring you what you deserve.
Please do not try to make an event again. Thanks.