Mo:Dem Festival 2019 (unofficial)

Reports / Feedback

5m 16d #2 woellersen

Line Up
first of was an unbelievable great festival. i liked the people very much there....what was put on its legs a dreamlike location over 3 floors..really good! most of the time i stayed on the swamp, because the music was simply too fast for me at hive at night..but i knew there was no problem.with the filtered drinking water there were probably stomach problems with can also hear that from other we always have our own water with us.there was a big choice of food stalls and the drink prices were really fair.the caravan camping site was perfect..i have never experienced such a quiet place at 7 o'clock in the could really sleep well. the staff was in a really good mood...the deco of the floors was absolutely top...such a floor as the hive i have never seen before...this is already unique...nevertheless, who likes crunchy psytrance is here wrongly lifted...dark, hightec and twilight is program:-) and last but not least of course the beautiful between cool down at 14 degrees water temperature :-) thanks to the orga for this beautiful week!

5m 20d #1 orst3n (Legal.Sound.Depot)

most psychedelic festival !!