Metro Copilco Ritual Festival 2017 TOUR (100 Free entry for all foreigners) 18 Nov '17, 09:00
Party flyer: Metro Copilco Ritual Festival 2017 TOUR (100 Free entry for all foreigners) 18 Nov '17, 09:00
Line Up

☫ Water Kingdom ☫
:::Water Temple:::
(Psytrance/ProgressiveTrance/Twilight/Dark Progressive/ Groove Psychedelic ).

☬Antonymous - Sonic Loom Records
☬Axial tilt - Looney Moon Records
☬Cocodrilo - Deka tree
☬Deep Vickey - Play Label
☬Ex Gen - 3D Vision Rec
☬Goasia - Suntrip Records / Spacedock Records
☬Hatta - Grasshopper Records
☬Hypnoise - Maharetta Records / Antu Records
☬Juan verdera - The Muses Rapt
☬Juno Reactor HOMMEGA Records
☬Kliment - Zenon Records
☬Labirinto - Vagalume Records
☬Millivolt - Zenon Records
☬Nemesis - Digital Drug Coalition
☬Odiseo - Blue Tunes Records
☬Ohm. - Catalyst Records
☬Once Upon a Time - Blue Hour Sounds
☬Pandemia - 2to6 Records/Dekadenz
☬Pedrao - Vagalume Records
☬Penta - AuraQuake Music
☬Pollyfonika - Catalyst Records
☬Shove - Catalyst Records/Old Skull
☬Slivium - Catalyst Records
☬Stopless - Play Label
☬Sumeriux - Play Label
☬Taku - Green Magic
☬Whiptongue - Looney Moon Records
☬Winterminute - Catalyst Records
☬Xpike Noise - Quantum Digits
☬Xpiral - Vagalume Records/Mosaico Records
☬7 Hangovers - Play Label

☫ Fire Empire ☫
:::Fire Temple:::

☬Arcek - Freak Records / Kamino Records
☬Audiopathik - Pleiadian Records / Kamino Records
☬AudioScream - Pleiadian & Kamino Records
☬Back to Mars - Occulta Records / Omveda Records
☬Bolon Yokte - Popol Vuh Records
☬Coco - Play Label/ Ritual Music
☬Druny Nevil - Sonic Loom Music
☬Flipknot - Parvati Records
☬Futuro - Parvati Records
☬Glosolalia - Dark Prisma
☬Ikari - Kamino Records
☬Kerosene Club - Temple Twisters Recs
☬Makro - Pleiadian Records
☬Manticore - Popol Vuh Records/Galactic Crew
☬Maramba - Popol Vuh Records / Ovni Records
☬Nous - Ritual Music / Popol Vuh
☬Orestis - Sonic Loom Music
☬Otkun - Lycantrop Records / Voodoo Hoodoo records
☬Pepe Wash - Purple Hexagon Records
☬Quadraphonic - Sonic Loom Music
☬Quantum Mechanica - Dark Prisma
☬Sychotria - Ayauma Records
☬Thaick - Play Label/ Popol Vuh
☬Tromo - Sonic Loom Music
☬Will o Wisp - Dark Prisma
☬Xolotl - Banyan Records
☬Yrechadelico - Play Label
☬Zik - Sonic Loom Music
☬Zikore - Sonic Loom Music
☬Zombie Scream - Kamino Records - Pleiadian Recs

☫ Air Nation ☫
::: Air Temple ::
(Deep obscure hypnotic psychedelic music/Techno/IDM/Ambient/ChillOut).

☬Anyer Quantum - Sourcecode Transmissions,
☬Big Mess - 1900 /Mix Agency
☬Caballero - Undergroove Music LIVE
☬Camps Elisis - Padang Recs./Technophobia Records LIVE
☬Causality - Nutek Ibiza LIVE
☬Circular - Cirqular Triple Drop Productions LIVE
☬Das Records - Epk
☬Daymon - Beat Mafia
☬Ecological - Mind Revolutions LIVE
☬Fenix - Maia Records
☬Ishdub - Kupuri Music LIVE
☬Jossie Telch - Undergroove Music LIVE
☬Klieman - Undergroove Music
☬Kliment in Chill - Zenon Records LIVE
☬Low End - Kupuri Music LIVE
☬Marciana - Electric Power Pole Records
☬Masteck - Wormhole LIVE
☬Mo - Indol Records LIVE
☬Neftali Blasko - Undergroove Music
☬Noid - Kupuri Music LIVE
☬Opsy - Uroboros/Zenon Records LIVE
☬Purple Salad - Dropland Rec, Sonotechno
☬Sandunga - Ten Toes Turbo LIVE
☬Smilk - Zenon Records LIVE
☬Solar - Zenon Records
☬Tatewari - Play Label
☬The Muses Rapt - “ Spiritual Chill Live “
☬Thoranzin - Triple Drop Productions LIVE
☬Torma in Dub - Kupuri Music LIVE
☬TSP - Kupuri Music LIVE
☬Victor Cotardo - Deep Soul/T-R
☬Vini Vidi Vici - Pachamama familia LIVE
☬Xerpent - Mandarina Records

☫ Village Earth ☫
:::Earth Temple:::
(World Music )

☬ Aporia Band
☬ Cat Scrach Dubchestra
☬ Chalanes del Amor
☬ Danza Bruja
☬ Lengua Alerta
☬ Mamasonica
☬ Rap de Luz - Choko
☬ Som bit
☬ Tehualhuane
☬ Viri Roots y Roosters

Special Opening:
☬ Bass Revelation Sound System

Deliria MX
Ritual Psychedelic Arts Festival •
18 - 19 & 20 November 2017
powered by PlayLabel MX

Six years ago Play Label Mexico opened a portal that approached us to the truth through the different answers of the Lords of Time who travel through the universe.
Since 2014 we have recovered the legacy of the revelation of the great mysteries and raise the spirit towards a sacred world.
In these years our family has been growing, learning, transforming. In 2017 we endorse this great rite with the vision of expanding our minds, spread our freedom, share our love among tribes and collectives, who accompany us in every sacred space where we offer music and dance.
We invite you to undertake this mythical journey together and make of this ceremony something supernatural, that enlighten us and take us back to our origin.

Gratitude, spirituality and great respect!

Workshops/Healing/Yoga/Ecology ).

( Artists, Workshops and Activities very soon. )
The bus departs from Metro Copilco and travels directly to Ritual Festival on the outskirts of Mexico City.
Entry fee
Admission is free for all our foreign visitors. You only have to pay the bus to travel to the Ritual 2017.

Bus cost:
15 EUROS or 18 USD round trip.

Limited to 100 tickets, we only have 50 seats.

You must send 15Euros (+ commission) or 18 USD (+ commission) through the Western Union system.

Name: Ricardo Enriquez Martinez
City: Mexico City
Delegation: Coyoacan
Population .: Los Reyes Coyoacan
Postal Code: 04330

You must register your name and your payment ticket scanned to the mail:

More information on the next page.

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* []
Colectivo Psiconauta

Psiconautas Trip
A lysergic real tour !
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