Hesperus Gathering

Hesperus Gathering 3 Sep '20, 18:00
Party flyer: Hesperus Gathering 3 Sep '20, 18:00
Line Up
Psykovsky 8h
Kasatka-Calyptratus 10h
Zik 4h
Orestis 3h
Zikore 2h
Kulu 3h
Looney 5h
Killatk 3h
Highko 3h
Pannick 2h
Necroillusion 3h
Paranoia sector 3h
Necroparanoia 2h
Lost-reflection 2h
Periergos 2h
Maiko 2h
Biomekanik 2h
Psylence mind 2h
Bababoom 2h
Paganorium 3h
Virtualize 2h
Sotokkan 2h
Freq36 3h
Oroboro 4h
Traumaticoma 3h
Alvarius deco and
Sotols_art visual effects on natural deco
Welcome to Hesperus gathering, a trip to the mountains in a secret location in Greece will bring us all together, family , friends and travellers from all over the world for the first time . 5 days and 4 nights time will stop and unite our minds and souls through psychedelic music . Memories will be created with new and old friends , share stories , experiences , culture, ideas and most of all spread our message of unity and brotherhood! We contribute to the maintenance of our location paying much attention to our garbage , so that we leave the place as we found it , with respect to our mother nature .

"The mountain will be our host , the trees our shelter, the bright stars and moon our light!"

Bring only good vibes, smiles and let's get ready to jammin!!We are a small community so tickets will be limited , invite only your closest friends and family for this unforgettable experience. A second stage with forest , ambient and chill music with special surprises!!!!! We hope to see everyone on stage with a big smile and positive energy, more info very soon!!! Love and peace🙏🙏

Soundsystem VOID acoustics
Live visual effects on natural decoration
Decoration by Alvarius deco
Spiritual healing
Fire show
And many more..!!!!
Secret location
Michalis_avg · 1,549
Added 2m 3d · 1 ·
Sound Styles


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