Eclipse Festival 2016, Indonesia.

Eclipse Festival 2016, Indonesia. 7 Mar '16, 18:00
Party flyer: Eclipse Festival 2016, Indonesia. 7 Mar '16, 18:00
Line Up
Space Tribe - Space Tribe Music (UK) Live
Grouch - Zenon Records/ Interchill Records (NZ) Live
Dick Trevor - NANO RECORDS/ Flying Rhino Records (UK) Live
Ree.K - Hypnodisk/ Space Gathering (JP)
Masa - Hypnodisk/ Space Gathering (JP)
Ray Castle - Matsuri Digital/ Demon Tea Recordings (NZ)
Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Psy-Harmonics/ Seeland Records (AU) Live
Zubzub - Mesmobeat (UK) Live
Mayuri - Metamorphose/ Dogmatik Records (JP)
KunoKini - Kereta Senja Records (ID)
X-dream - Tunnel Records/ TIP Records (DE)
5 Days Music & Arts Festival for the Total Solar Eclipse 2016 in Sulawesi Indonesia.

Eclipse Festival 2016 will be held on the 11th largest island in the world, Sulawesi, Indonesia. The production crew and partners behind this festival includes key members from international and local events such as Osirion Records, Punkadelik, Space Tribe, Earthdance Australia and Wonderground.

The festival is planned to run for five days between March 7 – 11, 2016, with the total solar eclipse itself happening early on the morning of the 9th.
This event will showcase a special lineup of some of the best International and local musicians, DJs, artists and performers.

A total eclipse of the sun is a rare and spectacular event that can only be experienced along a relatively narrow strip on the Earth’s surface.
Sulawesi is one of the few locations in Indonesia where the total solar eclipse will be visible; with approximately 2 min 55 secs of totality.

The path of the eclipse shadow in 2016 crosses Indonesia, starting at the Indian Ocean west of Sumatra. The shadow then moves across Indonesia and out into the Pacific Ocean, with a maximum eclipse duration of just over 4 minutes south of Guam and the track ends north of Hawaii. Indonesia is the only significant land-mass that the eclipse path passes over.

Directions to the festival site will be published soon.

Official website - []
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Eclipse Festival 2016 will be held at Ngata Baru in the region of Sigi in Central Sulawesi; just 25mins drive from the city of Palu and 15mins drive from Palu Mutiara Airport.
Ngata Baru is a valley surrounded by lush hills and mountains with a river below where eclipse chasers can visit and be surrounded by thousands of butterflies.
The crew has carefully selected this site due to its beauty, logistics infrastructure and highest chance of clear visibility for the total solar eclipse.
There will be a complimentary return shuttle service for all ticket holders from Palu Mutiara Airport to the site and back. More details on the schedule will be published sooner to the event date.

Limited travel-flight packages from Bali Denpasar – Palu direct will also be available for booking from our website soon. This direct flight route doesn’t exist and has been chartered exclusively for Eclipse Festival 2016.
Entry fee
Entry fee
early bird 1st round: USD 129 (limited to 100) - SOLD OUT
early bird 2nd round: USD 179 (limited to 300) - SOLD OUT
early bird 3rd round: USD 229 (limited to 600)
general presale: USD 279
gate ticket (if available): USD 349

Interstellar & Osirion Records.
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