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The most important information?
Here you may publish your advert (Ad) which is to appear on goabase. The advertising block will be displayed over 100.000 times (persons only, no search engines, nor bots!). You can choose the language of your Ads (German/English). The billing is based upon the number of displays of your Ad (CPM). Your Ad can be set offline at any time (pause). Ads containing pornographic or violent material will not be accepted, nor will be Ads from Grow- and Headshops. Each Ad will be checked and authorized separately.

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Data privacy protection for members
No profile or account information evaluation will be used nor passed onto any other party. This means that a promoter, placing an Ad, can't define for the Ad to be visible to certain groups only (e.g. members from Hamburg, only). Further, there is no IP-evaluation which means that no country nor location filtering is possible.

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Definition of an Ad Campaign
The core idea is to define a budget for your campaign which can consist of one or more Ads. Should you insert one Ad only, then your campaign budget will be used for this one Ad, only. Should you decide to add more Ads to your campaign, then again, your budget will be used for all "Campaign-Ads". This means, for example, that you if choose to create a campaign for "Party Promotion", then there might be two Ads, one for the German, the other for the English version. The beginning and the activation of the Ad can then be controlled. The minimum budget of a campaign is 56 EUR (exclusive of VAT). This budget can be used up as follows: One Ad can receive a limit of 20 EUR, the other Ads can run for an unlimited timeframe as they are to bring as many clicks as possible. (Or, if you have 49 EUR left over, you can use this for a new Ad at a later stage).

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Is a test run possible?
Yes, you can create and test your campaigns and Ads without any commitment. After everything is to your satisfaction, the order can be placed on a binding basis.

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The budget will be used up, after each 1.000 displays (CPM). The recommended prices for CPM are 50% below the standard price level. You can make an offer, we then decide if this is acceptable. The higher the offer, the more advantageous the placing of your Ad will be. It will also be shown more frequently.

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What is CPM?
CPM is an abbreviation for Cost Per Mille. If your Ad has been displayed 1.000 times, then your campaign budget will be reduced by the respective sum agreed upon (e.g. 10 Cent).

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How long does it take for my Campaign to begin?
The campaign will be activated after the payment receipt. This may take up to 5 days. You will receive an individual PDF-invoice which will be sent to you via email.

The Ads of your campaign will be additionally checked and then activated.

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Is there a faster way?
Regular customers receive a payment term upon 7 days. This means that a campaign of a regular customer will be activated right after the generation of the invoice. No extra time is required for money clearance.

We will react as fast as possible, during the next working day, at the latest.

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May I publish banner or a grafic file with an Ad?
Yes, pics can be uploaded. They will be formatted to a max. 64 x 64 pixel.

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Can I change the text when Ads have been activated?
Yes. However, Ads have to be deactivated prior to a change. The target URL can't be changed at this point. No further authorization takes place. We trust that the entry rules have been followed. Should the text not comply with the entry rules, then the campaign will immediately be stopped.

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Can I target my Ads to reach certain groups?
No. To define a target group, member profile and account information would either have to be evaluated or processed. This is contrary not only to accordance with the data privacy protection but is also contrary to the general position of the webmaster on this subject. Further, no IP-evaluation takes place, which would enable a country- or location filtering. You have a choice of a language only.

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What's the duration of my Ad?
That can't be predicted precisely. For example, approx. 100.000 displays per day, taking a TKP of 0,10 Cent and continuous displaying of the Ad, a sum of 10 Euro per day will come up. Should your Ad have a higher TKP (for example 0,15 Cent), then it will be displayed more often. The lower the TKP, the lower is the frequency of the Ad being displayed. On the other side, the Ad will then be on display for a longer time.

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Was zeigt der Download der Klick-Statistik?
Pro Klick wird folgendes gelistet:
- Die ID/Nummer der Anzeige
- Die Anzahl der TKPs (1000er-Kontakte) zu diesem Zeitpunkt
- Die Sprache
- Eine anonymisierte IP (letzte Stelle ist entfernt)
- Eine anonymisierte und gekürzte Session-ID
- Den Zeitpunkt

Werden die Daten in eine Tabellenkalkulation (Excel/OpenOffice) importiert, können gesonderte Auswertungen bzgl der Klicks gemacht werden.

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What is the price limit?
Should you want to keep the cost of your Ad below 10 Euro, then you just insert this in the limit field. Your Ad will be displayed for as long as it remains below this limit.

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Is there an automatic daily limit?
No. The programming is too complex, however this feature may follow in the future.

A daily limit can be simulated as follows: For example, you state a limit of 10 Euro and let the Ad begin at 8 am. When the limit of 10 Euro has been achieved, the Ad will no longer be displayed. You may increase the limit to 20 Euro, the Ad starting during the next day. This can be repeated as often as required.

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Can I see the daily process of my Ad?
No, this is not possible. The programming is too complex, however this feature may follow in the future.

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Will my Ad appear on all pages?
No, there are certain pages without any advertising displayed. Either the right column is missing or some member pages without any Ads whatsoever.

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Is my Ad visible to persons only?
Yes, search engines and bots are excluded, this means persons only will see your Ad. The price is not being driven up by bots and/or search engines. However, there is no 100% guarantee. Should there be any unusual pageview movement, then steps will be taken and the correct values (in your favour) will be reconstructed from backups.

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What's the difference to printed Ads and why is no fix pricing possible?
Printed adverts appear in fixed editions which enables an exact calculation of a fixed price. A website has no fixed edition as different number of users visit a website. Therefore no fixed price calculation is possible for an web advert. The number of clicks or 1.000 pageviews are the determining factor. The less your advert is being pageviewed, the slower your budget is being used up and vice versa.

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